We know what you are thinking. You agree with the headline but who has the time, right?

We understand it.

Think about it in this way.

You are holding an important position in your organization because of your hard work, ability to think clearly and decision-making skills.

However, after some time, these important tasks also start looking mundane and you start lacking the enthusiasm that you are expected to show.

What can you do then?

Yes…Go off the radar for some time. Take a break. Rejuvenate your mind, come back and see the magic.

Let us explain…

Here are 5 logical reasons why you should take one long vacation as a manager or a CEO every year?  

1. Regain control amidst nature

Are you familiar with the Japanese therapy called forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku)? Yes, it’s a real thing. You can improve your concentration skills, ability to think clearly and keep your mind cool during stressed situations.

Forest bathing

It’s the most natural way to regain your health and happiness. ‘Forest bathing’ has been widely researched mostly in Asia and Europe. One 20-minute session of forest bathing leads to an increase in a type of white blood cells — cells that protect humans from viruses and even from tumor formations.

Plus it doesn’t require you to go hiking, cycling or even running. Simply be there in the presence of nature, birds, waterfalls, and serenity.

2. Never go against the family

Yes, we might be quoting the classic ‘Godfather’ in a very different context but allow us to explain. When you hold an important position in your organization, it becomes your second home.

You are equally worried about the company’s welfare and ready to go that extra mile the same way you would do for your family. But think from your family’s point of view.

Never go against the family

They still think they are your priority. It’s a constant struggle, isn’t it? But imagine this, once or twice a year, you take an initiative to go out on a holiday, family style, laughing, teasing each other, catching up and just having a pleasant time.

You don’t even have to spend time planning a vacation. There are so many travel portals who would plan an entire itinerary for you at one go. (Pick us, pick us, haha)

Initiatives like these will reassure your family that you can manage your office and your home with the same efficiency, that you haven’t forgotten what’s important and you love your family the same way you used to 10 years ago.

Think about it.

3. Never stop learning

When was the last time you registered for a new course or learned a new skill?

We know your answer, ‘It’s too hectic with the current lifestyle.’

We get it.

But then why not use the vacation time to learn a new skill, completely unrelated to your profession but only for your passion. We know a few marketing heads, CEOs who take a yearly vacation just to learn a new skill.

Starting from learning how to scuba dive to preparing a professional Italian and French meal, people take off special time to learn something that they always felt passionate about but never got to learn.

Scuba diving

Money isn’t a problem, resources are ample then what’s stopping you? It will give you a fulfilling sense which is so good to experience.

4. Broaden your perspectives

You often come across various new opportunities to learn, understand and experience new things. But seldom have the energy to grasp them quickly, isn’t it?

You are either preoccupied or extremely exhausted. Use this vacation time to go out of your comfort zone. Talk to strangers, perhaps the customers of your company, see how a similar organization is operating in another country, city with different tools and ideas. This will give you a new perspective, a new way to look at things.

Broaden your perspectives

We know a few CEOs who travel to new countries every year just to understand the business of other organizations. They befriend the CEOs and senior managers from those companies and visit them.

Brilliant idea to merge the vacation time with work right?

But don’t forget to go sightseeing as well when you visit the companies.

5. Sleep, Sleep. Sleep

We don’t need to tell you the importance of sleep in your busy day. But we are sure you aren’t getting enough peaceful sleep.

How do we know it?

Because very few people are actually sleeping for good 7-8 hours every night. Urban lifestyle today is snatching our good sweet sleep time and we are unable to understand it.


So, use this vacation time to physically and mentally relax. Sleep for longer hours, take a spa, massage, practice mindful yoga, go for nature walks, have conversations with loved ones and then go back to sleep again.

Before you know, your dark circles will go away, you will be able to concentrate more, you will manage tasks with more efficiency and you will retain your pleasant mood for most of the day.

As they rightly say, ‘Prioritizing good sleep is good self-love.’

So, when are you taking that long due vacation of yours?

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