Love to travel? Traveling is an extraordinary passion. But wondering how can you earn money from your passion? Looking for just the right kind of travel jobs which will allow you to travel as well as get your professional success? Well, being in the tourism industry, we get this question a lot, trust us!

World tourism day is upon us and this year’s theme itself is tourism and jobs. So, imagine how many people want to turn their passion into a full-time career and how many people are looking for the most suitable travel jobs.

On the occasion of world tourism day, let us tell you some of the best career paths that you can pursue to keep your passion for travel alive and earn some good bucks! Here we go-  

Travel And Tourism Jobs: Top 15

Travel Photography Jobs:

This is no secret that the only way for us to know about new destinations in the pictures. For so many years, travel photographers have been going to various interesting places and getting some really good pictures for us. But the demand for such offbeat pictures is increasing day by day. With many travel startups and experiential companies, more and more good quality travel pictures are needed. They are needed to be uploaded on multiple sites, they are used in various content and you can earn a good amount of money through that. 

Travel jobs: Travel Photography Jobs

Mostly these jobs are outsourced to an experienced good photographer and he/she works as a freelancer.

You can find such opportunities in various facebook creative groups

 Or approach individual companies yourself. 

How To Earn Money?

As a freelancer, you can earn somewhere around 20k TO 1lac per assignment.

Want To Learn?

Many courses will teach you the basics of photography. You can go through a few youtube tutorials. But the more you practice, the better you will get. 

Tour Guide Jobs:

The best way to know about any place is to get into its history. Professional guides are very much in demand as the tourism industry is growing day by day. You can take it up as a career for government bodies as well as private companies. Not only that, but you can also apply international destinations to becomes a guide of museums, historical monuments, etc. 

These can be full-time positions or can change according to the season. 

Travel and Tourism jobs: Tour Guide Jobs

How To Earn Money?

A tour guide can start his/her career by earning 18k per month but can go all the way up according to the experience. 

One can apply through tourism board recruitment opportunities. 

Want To Learn?

You can get institutes from where you can get formal training in tourism. 

This link might help in getting more information –

Travel Agent Jobs:

A travel agent is one career that is going to be in high demand for many years now. Your flight, hotel room bookings and even your experience booking can be done through them. 

No formal training is required, one can start a business based on prior knowledge or hiring experienced people in the tourism industry. 

You can start it as your own business or work under a travel agent. 

Tourism Jobs: Travel Agent Jobs

How To Earn Money?

The more bookings you manage to do, the more profit you will share. The salary for a travel agent is anywhere around 30K to 1lac.

Want To Learn?

Any tourism course is ok, to begin with. Formal training in tourism might come handy as you can apply the knowledge here. 

Travel Bloggers:

A growing profession, travel blogging has started seeing golden days in India. Many travelers are making a full-time career out of blogging. Travel blogging involves visiting many places, writing your experience, support them with pictures, videos, testimonials, etc. Many resort owners re hiring bloggers to visit their properties and talk about it in their blog.   

All you need is a flair for writing and a blog to host your writing. 

Jobs in travel and tourism

How To Earn Money?

There are no very standardized remuneration patterns. People charge according to their experience and knowledge. But you can charge 5-6 K minimum for one article of 500 words. 

Want To Learn?

Many online courses are giving basic training in blogging, SEO, etc.

Travel Vloggers Jobs:

V-blogging is a trend that’s not going to go away. Rather than reading blogs, people like to view the videos and understand more about the place. Vloggers have a very interesting career where they visit new places and shoot everything for making videos. 

You need to invest in a good camera and find new things in unexplored places. 

Travel industry jobs: Travel Vloggers Jobs

How To Earn Money?

You can start anywhere around 20K to 1lac depending on your experience and skill set. 

Want To Learn?

You can learn basic video editing and shooting, but to make it customized, you will have to develop your style and go with it. 

Resort Owners, Managers: Chefs, Operation Managers

Opening a resort is like a dream come true situation. But the resort is a lot of hard work as well. But if you are willing to do it, resorts are one of the best options for you. A resort also needs chefs, operation managers, staff, etc. 

You can work on your idea for the resort business. You can build a themed resort or make it unique with your ideas. 

Travel jobs: Resort Owners

How To Earn Money?

This business has a lot of money provided you use your contacts wisely and grow the business in the right direction. 

Want To Learn?

You can learn the basics of the tourism industry and then improvise according to your experience. 

Homestay Owners:

For all the people who like to be hosts and bring more people home, homestay is the best option. Homestays are gaining popularity day by day. Homestays give a very customized experience and a chance to stay with locals. Many travelers are preferring to stay in a homestay instead of a hotel. 

Quality homestays are given a lot of importance. You can help travelers by making them understand the local culture, local food, and customs. 

Jobs in tourism: Homestay owners

How To Earn Money?

You can easily charge Rs.2000 per day for one guest. Depending on how innovative is your homestay and what are the facilities you are offering to the people, you can even charge more and create your niche. 

Want To Learn?

No prior education required. 

Travel Writer Jobs:

Even though pictures tell you the visual story of a place, ultimately travel writers can make those stories alive! The future is bright for travel writers as more and more people want to go to new places and they need information. If you have a flair for writing and you like researching about interesting places, this profession can give you the freedom of working from anywhere and yet fetch you some decent money. 

How To Earn Money?

If you are a professional freelance writer, you can charge per word. Experienced writer charge up to 4 Rs. per word. You can also work in travel companies as a writer and make a full-time career.

Want To Learn?

If you are interested in learning how to write effectively, there are many courses available online that you can refer to. Also, reading other people’s articles can give you ideas and guidance.    

Itinerary Planners:

 Customized itinerary planners are in demand like never before. Everyone is looking to go to unexplored, new places and itinerary is very important to plan that trip more efficiently. There are many experiential travel companies (like ours) who can provide you customized itineraries. 

Unlike traditional trip planners, these itineraries will cover many interesting places, stays, and things to try, etc.   

itinerary planner - Tourism industry jobs

How To Earn Money?

If you are into customized itineraries, you get to charge a little more because of all your contacts and research. You can start earning profits from your first trip. (7-8K profit per person). 

Want To Learn?

Rather than looking for a course for these, you can do in-depth research and become a pro. It comes with experience and interest. 


Travel influencers is a new career stream that many travelers are opting for. If you travel often, many people already ask you about places to stay, things to see and more. Travel influencers do the same thing by influencing large groups of people through social media. 

This profession may look lucrative but it’s very tricky and needs a lot of hard work. These influencers also work with travel companies, agencies, embassies, and resorts to spread awareness about them. 

jobs in travel and tourism - Influencers

How To Earn Money?

There are no standard ways of remuneration. Depending on your reach through social media and the power of your content, you can charge per project. These projects typically include social media campaigns, awareness programs, etc. 

Want To Learn?

If you are well versed in social media, that’s a good beginning. Then it depends on how unique your content is and how your audiences receive it. 

Adventure Activities:

Every adventure activity needs a guide or instructor isn’t it? People, who are fond of such activities, why not learn to train others and make a great profession out of it? More and more people are getting into adventure activities such as scuba and hence the world needs more instructors. 

You can make a decent profession out of it and more importantly, it doesn’t require you to stay in one place. You can roam around anywhere you want and still earn money. 

Adventure Activities - highly paid travel job

How To Earn Money?

Talking about money, this is a profession that can fetch a lot of money. Even if the salary structure is different according to the countries, it can be as low as $700 per month but experienced instructors can earn up to $7-10K as well. 

Want To Learn?

Learning is a major and most important part of this profession. Since all these activities require physical stamina and attention, you need to work hard to be able to get a grasp on these skills. The more you learn and practice better you get. Many institutes are specialized in training like these in India. 

Apart from these, there are a few more professions that you can think of if you are looking for to work for your passion for travel such as –

  • Foreign exchange
  • Event organizers
  • Transportation
  • Artists and handicrafters etc. 

The tourism industry is growing day by day and if you are serious about a career in it, there are more than enough options to get started with. So, make a plan, get yourself trained and make the world your office! 

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