2019 is almost gone! The holiday season is here along with the season of gifting! Don’t you just love the gifting season? Finding that perfect gift for your loved ones, there’s no better joy than that!  

Are you a traveler or are you surrounded by travelers? Travel gift ideas have to be unique and should put a smile on a traveler’s face. Gifts for travel lovers is a challenging task, isn’t it? Then our humble gifting guide might help you. We have gathered a list of some of the best gifts for travelers. Let’s take you through a long list of gifts that would warm up all hippie souls! 

Let’s be holiday season ready?

Gifts For Travel Lovers: 14 Gift Ideas

That one good quality backpack –

Travelers are always in search of that perfect backpack and trust us when we say this, it’s not easy to find it. Even when you have one, you always have your eyes on the better ones. 

This year, find the best backpack (need not be very expensive, should just be useful and functionally rich) and see the reaction of your traveler buddy! 

travel gifts - backpack

One antique earth globe – 

Travelers spend a lot of time on their home desk planning for their next trip when they aren’t traveling. They like to have a collection of maps, markers and traveling gadgets like this one. 

So, a priceless and timeless gift like this would be ideal, because flat lays can happen any time right? 

gifts for travel lovers - globe

A personalized passport cover/traveling pouch – 

Traveling souls understand the importance of minimal lifestyle yet, a little personalized carry on wouldn’t hurt. A pouch/cover with their name written or engraved would fill that gap for sure. And Imagine, every time they use it, they would be thinking of you, no matter where they are. Now that in our opinion is a resourceful gift! 

best gifts for travelers - passport cover

An international travel plug adaptor – 

All countries have different charging points depending on the mobiles they use in their country. Sometimes travelers struggle to charge their electronic equipment. This universal plug might be super helpful in such situations. The best ones can accept the charger from more than 140 countries. Now that’s a very useful and thoughtful gift! Don’t you agree?

Travel adapter - travel gift ideas


A kindle paperwhite – 

Yes, travelers can book bugs too. But unfortunately, they have to choose between more essential things over books when they pack their bags and books are given less importance. But a gift like Kindle can solve this problem instantly. More than thousands of books can be read on one Kindle. 

kindle paperwhite - travel gifts

Travel-friendly cologne – 

When travelers go out on adventures like hiking, trekking or even on beachy destinations, the perfume becomes a necessity. But then flight regulations prohibit them from carrying the perfumes, deodorants, etc. A handy travel-friendly cologne can be a blessing in such scenarios. They are not liquid or don’t have gas so they can be easily carried in the plane. Thoughtful isn’t it? 

Travel-friendly cologne


A mini hairdryer – 

A portable hairdryer is a blessing for women travelers. Trust us when we say, sometimes hair management is very critical during travel. A small, travel-friendly hair dryer is essential. 

 mini hairdryer - women travel gifts

A make-do hammock – 

Imagine you’re traveling, you see a perfect spot on the beach to take a nap, or read a good book, but you don’t want to sit on the sand. I wish you had a hammock handy, isn’t it?  Well, how about gifting one to yourself or someone you love? A portable hammock can be the perfect gift for travelers. 

travel hammock

A multitool box – 

When people are on the go, unexpected situations can occur. A multitool box is very useful while you are on the go. You can use it for such unexpected situations, don’t you agree? 

image credit: optics-pro.com

Portable travel tripod – 

Travelers can find themselves in a situation where there is a potential goldmine for photographic/ scenic views. Imagine yourself in that situation without a tripod. Difficult right? A portable travel tripod can be extremely useful in such situations. 

Portable travel tripod
image credit: travelradar.com

A mobile lens – 

Many travelers are shifting from cameras to mobile cameras but they don’t want to compromise on the quality of their photos. What to do in such situations? A mobile lens is a good option. The lens is very travel-friendly and can easily enhance the quality of your photos.  

Mobile lens

Waterproof socks – 

Need we say more? Go buy those pairs like right NOW! 

l water proof spcks

Travel games –

 Remember, those long flights or train journeys where you can’t sleep and you are finding the best ways to kill time. Travel games can come to the rescue. Be it a card or Pictionary or something else fun, but this will definitely be a memorable gift. 

travel games

Travel voucher gifts (a delightful surprise) –

Many travel companies have their own loyalty cards. They can be used as recharge cards. You can recharge some amount and gift cards, smart ha?  

Funstay vocher - travel vocher

Have any more interesting ideas? Comment and tell us. 

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MuraliKrishnan · February 7, 2020 at 10:16 am

Amazing ideas. Thanks for the share. I have many friends who travel frequently to different places. This travel gift ideas list will surely help me in offering some best gift to them.

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