With the fast-paced life and advanced technology, there are changes in almost everything. For a complete travel experience, now one has to look way beyond clothes and good hotels. There are mobile apps for booking great hotels and allowing one to click good pictures. For fun and hassle-free vacation, one also has access to some cool travel gadgets. There are travel gadgets and accessories suiting to everyone’s requirements. With a sandless beach mat to a portable monitor, one can relax and enjoy all at the same time.

So, have you bought these travel gadgets for your vacation yet?  

Go through the list and choose the travel accessories you require and head out for a great vacation!

Best Travel Gadgets 2020

Essential Travel GadgetsPrice
Steamfast SF- 717 Mini Steam Iron3000 approximately
Universal Travel Adapter Varies based on brands
GoPro HERO7 HD Waterproof Action Camera25K starting price
Scrubba Wash Bag3400
Portable Humidifier1800
Skyroam Solis1500
GoTenna Mesh12,900
GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier9K starting price
Go Girl1300 approximately
Portable Cocktail Kit1600 starting price

The smallest of its kind

The most essential of the travel gadgets, the reference is being made to the world’s smallest travel steam iron; Steamfast SF- 717 Mini Steam Iron which comes with a 420- watt motor and three fabric heating level. It is as small as a computer mouse in size but it does all the work as the usual iron everyone has at home.

travel gadgets - Steamfast SF- 717 Mini Steam Iron

For universal adaptation

What is the worst that can happen when you are not in the mood to accept it? Your phone running out of battery, the biggest pain one can feel. The best of the latest travel gadgets available, the Universal Travel Adapter allows one to charge seven devices in one go—with three outlets and four USB ports. There is also a built-in voltage converter and comes with a 5- foot detachable power cable and interchangeable plugs.

Universal Travel Adapter - travel accessories

To capture all moments clear

The number one on the list of essential travel gadgets, GoPro HERO7 HD Waterproof Action Camera is a delight for the underwater adventure enthusiasts. With a built-in stabilization, this 12- megapixel camera allows one to capture moments as deep as 33 feet! Not only this, it is one of those cool travel gadgets which allows Facebook live- streaming and voice control.

GoPro HERO7 HD Waterproof Action Camera - best travel gadgets

GoPro HERO7 HD Waterproof Action Camera is very useful when you are planning your international trip.

Electricity free washing machine

The ultimate answer for best travel gadgets for backpackers, the Scrubba Wash Bag is a must for those who love traveling to upbeat, unusual places but have a limited supply to cleanliness. Even if you are in a remote location, having the minimum supply of water, or are touring a rural area, these amounts for unique travel accessories as well. Equipped with a flexible washboard and requiring only 2- 3 liters of water along with a bit of washing liquid, it helps in washing your clothes within 3 minutes! (Unbelievable, eh?)

Electricity free washing machine - essential travel gadgets

For a cleaner surrounding

The title may sound weird but that is what the next cool travel gadget and one of the must-have trip gadgets does—it makes the air around you clean. A portable humidifier is one of the best travel accessories for those who have respiratory issues or are sensitive to dusty environments. Rated in the ‘Best Travel Gadgets of 2019’ by Forbes so far, Fancii Cool Mist Personal Humidifier works on all regular water bottles and it can be charged by a USB cord or 3 AA batteries that last up to 18 hours.

Best Travel Gadgets of 2019 - air humidifier

For a stronger connectivity

If you have this, you can travel to foreign lands without roaming charges or foreign SIM cards. Offering one of the best Wi-Fi hotspots, Skyroam Solis also comes with unlimited 4G LTE service in over 130 countries. It also works as a portable charger as it has a 6000mAh power bank with connecting 5 devices in one go. A day’s pass costs around $9 and lasts up to one day. It sure finds its name in the list of essential travel gadgets for the great work it does.

Skyroam Solis - travel gadgets and accessories

When there is no one, this is the one!

One of the must-have travel gadgets for women, goTenna Mesh keeps your Android or iOs devices connected even when there is no cellular connection. This pocket-sized device uses Bluetooth- LE to connect smartphones. Also considered one of the best travel gadgets for backpackers, goTenna Mesh allows for sharing messages and location instantly, up to 4 miles in open areas. If going together on a trip with friends, it is a must in the road trip gadgets as it even “allows private 1:1 and group chats or public broadcast messages through other devices to extend beyond the point- to- point range.”

goTenna Mesh - travel gadgets 2019

For a healthier trip

If you are off to a new place but within days of staying there, you catch hold of some disease, courtesy to contaminated water, then the mood of the whole journey is spoiled. GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier can come to one’s rescue then because it has the capability to transform any tap or natural water into pure drinking water in just 15 seconds (Hell, yes!) this water purifier is 0.50 liter equipped with a replaceable purifier cartridge, each lasting about 150 liters.

GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier  - travel gadgets for backpackers
image credit: ca,pingeasy.com

Hygiene comes first

The number one on the list of travel gadgets for women, GoGirl, is equipped to look into the issues of women when faced with unhygienic public rooms. GoGirl allows one to pee while standing thus saving them from being contaminated by harmful substances and preventing touch from dirty stuff. It is small enough to find a corner in one’s purse and is made from medical grade silicone, making it one of the trip gadgets you have to have.

For a complete travel experience

The number one on the list of unique travel accessories without any second thought, Portable Cocktail Kit ensures that your spirits are high during the whole trip (pun definitely intended!) It is big enough to fit inside one’s pocket and comes with a recipe card, stainless steel spoon/ muddler, a linen coaster and all ingredients for a proper two in-flight concoctions. Not only this, it comes with a variety catering to everyone’s need—from Champagne and Bloody Marry to Gin and Tonic.

Portable Cocktail Kit
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