Remember that diary from the movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ where Bunny used to store his memories of all the places he has traveled till date? Yes, that was cool! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that many of us dreamt of having one such travel bucket list too.

From the various states of India to the various countries of the world, there are so many places and culture unknown to us. We sit 6-9 hours in our office or college and after feeling tired from all that work, turn to our mobile phones to relax.

What about taking a break and exploring new bucket list destinations?

Let go of that workload, at least once a year, and set out to enjoy the beauty of an unexplored place while forgetting yourself in its culture and tradition.

7 Top Travel Bucket List Ideas

1. Explore the unexplored

Plan out the list of places you want to visit and chalk out the ones you want to visit within a year. Select the places you like or wanted to visit once. Go to new locations. Mix with the locals there. Enjoy the culture and create some great memories!

travel bucket list - Explore the unexplored

Nowadays, there are special experiential packages available for travelers as well helping them visit the place and enjoy life there as a local. So make most of these facilities when available.

2. Try things you never thought you would

One of the most necessary reasons for having a travel bucket list is definitely this! Forget about what the society will think when you go scuba diving at the age of 45 or what will happen if you decide on going on a solo trip as a female to a new place. If you never tasted bruschetta then do now! Wear that red dress and have a date with your own self.

bucket list experiences
- try new things

Buy mementos and create some great memories to pen down and laugh at later. Do everything you wanted to do but never thought you would do (at least in this life)!

3. Memory is all that last

So enjoy yourself and create some unforgettable fun memories while visiting your bucket list places!

Having a bucket list is having new experiences. Stay in a hostel with other travelers and make new friends. Have that bucket list experience where you are trekking (top 7 trekking trails in India) with a bunch of enthusiasts and spending the night singing songs and dancing. Click pictures and capture the moments as much as you can.

bucket list experiences - travel memories

4. Meet new people and bond over travel!

It is true that you can meet some great people unexpectedly, and sometimes when traveling. Having the same passion for travel and love for exploring new places, create memories together and gain a lifetime friend (and a companion for travel)!

Meet new people - travel list places

Go around ticking off your bucket list places as you meet new people when staying in that cost-friendly dorm.

Planning a trip to India in August? Make sure your bucket list has these 15 places!

5. Have the whole world in that notebook

Cover all the places you always wanted to visit and make sure you are there in all corners of the world. Choose your travel bucket list places to visit in such a way that it is spread across every continent.

Learn new languages, try new food and have the experience of the whole world there. Visit the love symbol Taj Mahal and capture the lifetime moment of the Northern Lights. Experience the greatest historical event as you visit the city of Troy and capture Nature’s beauty at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, China.

Planning your first trip? Check out the 10 tips to plan a stress-free vacation.

bucket list destinations

6. Have a young heart at the age of 70!

It is a proven fact that those who always stayed active remain active in their old age and what better way to do so than traveling? Go out to those bucket list destinations and keep doing that till you have achieved your goal. Earn money but do not save that all. Spend some on yourself by taking a break from the monotonous life.

travel bucket list experience

7. More fresh air, fewer medicines

Feeling stressed lately? or Suffering from hypertension?

Have a prescription with five medicines? Buy that medicines (precaution better than cure) and then book the next flight to the bucket list destination you longed to visit.

Spend a few days there and accomplish as many bucket list experiences as you can. Go around there and you will notice that those pink and white medicines wouldn’t have made you as happy as that Rs. 15,000 flight ticket to that place did.

Now start preparing your travel bucket list if you haven’t till now and make sure to carry a camera to capture the moments you spend with your roommate and when sipping that ‘garam chai’ on the highway! 

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