If it is a vacation time, the first word comes from every person is check for Top places to visit in Coorg. Coorg fascinates everyone by green nature, colorful scenery, amazing landscape and old fascinated villages. Coorg always welcome you to its greenish atmosphere not only in winter and monsoon season, that’s why Coorg is also known as “Scotland of India”.

Want to know more about the tourist spots in Scotland of India?

Coorg map

People who want to escape from hotness and their office headache, Abbey fall, Mallali fall, Nisargadhama forest and Raja seat are few the best spots in Coorg to chill. If you are looking for adventures trips like trekking and camping, then you can try Karnataka’s second largest hill Tadiandamool peak, TalaKaveri, Kotebetta and Mandalpatti peak.

Also, Chiklishole dam, Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary and Bylakuppe are there to make the Coorg trip AWESOME. Also, make your stay an experiential one with Funstay’s luxury homestay in Coorg.

Okk, Let’s check your favorite places to visit in Coorg,

  1. Iruppu falls.
  2. Raja’s seat.
  3. Dubare Elephant camp.
  4. Omkareshwar temple.
  5. Namdroling monastery.
  6. Chiklihole Dam.
  7. Linga Rajendra tomb.
  8. Kote Betta.

Coorg is the natures adventure haven, anyone can enjoy its beauty and try adventures activity. It never fails to impress the traveler with its scenic spots and choose your Best place to visit in Coorg to become a one of that traveler.

Iruppu Falls:

Iruppu falls is located in Brahmagiri hill at 80 Km from Madikeri and 113 Km from Mysore airport. A famous Rameshwar Siva temple is located on the river bank and it will attract a huge number of Siva devotes during Sivarathiri.

iruppu falls - Places to visit in coorg

Iruppu fall is considered to be a holy river by Hindu people and is believed to purify one’s sole. The best season to visit Iruppu fall is in monsoon season and the fall is at its full capacity. One of the best Coorg sightseeing places, Brahmagiri hill is also nearby Iruppu falls and it takes only 15 mins to reach.

Best time to visit Iruppu falls: 6 am to 6 pm.

Fee: 50 INR/person.

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Tadiandamol Peak:

Tadiandamol peak is the tallest hill in Kodagu, located in Western Ghats range with an elevation of 1748 meters. It is about 8 Km from Kakkabe and 35 Km from Madikeri with thickly wooded slopes, misty valley and cloudy atmosphere surrounded by shola forest.

In Tadiandamol hill, the atmosphere will change drastically and it never fails to give awesome tough trekking experience. That’s why Tadiandamol peak is one of the best trekking places in Coorg for both domestic and international trekkers.

Tadiyandamol peak - coorg spot

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Nalaknad palace at the foothill serves as the safe shelter for trekkers and camping is banned in Tadiandamol since 2016. Get your adventurous trekking experience with rare mountain birds and butterflies flying from tree to tree.

Best season to visit: December to May.

Best time to trek: Early winter.

Mallali Falls:

Mallali falls is one of the scenic Coorg waterfall situated in the foothill of Pushpagiri mountain at just 54 Km from Madikeri and 23 Km from Somwarpet. The water falls from a height of about 200 feet and flows through Kubbe village (KubbeSubramanyaa temple) and finally merges with Netravati river at Uppinangadi with a spectacular view of green forest throughout its path. A perfect getaway spot to experience the true nature and enjoy a warm evening in front of camp fire at Coorg resorts for group.

Favorite places to visit in Coorg - Mallali falls

With a hidden natural beauty, Manali fall never fails to give an awesome experience. It is just 2 Km away from Pushpagiri hill, so the trekking people can also enjoy its scenic beauty. You can also get the jeep safari in and around Pushpagiri hill at INR of 100 per head.

Best season to visit: Monsoon season (June to September)

Best time to visit: 9 am to 6 pm.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary is suited at Somwarpet taluk of Kodagu district and serves as a home to rare and endangered birds. With Kukke Subramanya forest on its western part and Bisle reserve forest on the northern part, it is one of the best Coorg attraction spots.  People who are looking for the adventurous trip like trekking, rafting and forest camping, it’s a treat for you people.

Best places to visit in Coorg - Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary

Best season to visit: November to March.

MandalPatti in Coorg:

Mandalpatti peak, a part of Pushpagiri is at a distance of about 30 Km from Madikeri. It is perfect places for weekend getaways from Bangalore and it takes only 5 to 6 hours to reach Madikeri. This scenic place is a perfect spot for lovers and newly married couples to have a romantic vacation trip.

Coorg attraction spot - mandalpatti



One of the best spot for adventure things to do activities like trekking, camping and jeep safari. Having the elevation of 4050 feet, Mandalpatti is one of the best trekking places in Coorg. You can also reach the hilltop by 4 X 4 jeep to watching the epic view of sunrise and sunset.

Best season to visit: May to September.

Best time to visit: 6 am to 7.30 am and 5 pm to 6.30 pm.

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Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary:

Located at a distance of about 96 Km from Mysore and 93 km from Madikeri, Rajiv Gandhi national park is a must visit spot in Coorg. It is also a home to green floras like rosewood, sandalwood, silver oak, crocodile bark and Faunas like Bengal tiger, leopard, sloth bear, elephants and golden jackal.  Its always be a favorite place to visit in Coorg with family to have a cherished memory.

Best places to visit in Coorg - nagarhole wildlife sanctuary

Nearby Coorg places to visit:

  • Kutta.
  • Iruppu fall.
  • Ishwara temple.

Adventurous Things to do (Safari):

1. Vehicle safari: Best place to enjoy a one-hour jeep safari and shoot Asiatic elephants, tigers and leopards with your camera.


Morning safari: 5.30 am to 10.00 am

Evening safari: 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

2. Boat safari: Enjoy your boat safari at river Kabini.


Morning safari: 6.30 am to 9.15 am

Evening safari: 3.30 pm to 6.15 pm

3. Coracle ride: Enjoy your ride in a traditional round shaped boat at the Kabini river.


Morning safari: 9 am to 11 am

Evening safari: 5 pm to 6 pm.

Night Stay options: Book a  Nagarhole guest house which is in the park itself or private homestays in Coorg nearby Kutta.

Best season to visit Nagarhole park: October to May.

Chiklihole Dam:

Chiklihole dam is one of the lesser know best places to visit in Coorg, built across the river Cauvery nestles in between Madikeri and Kushalnagar. The dam built for irrigation purpose of the coffee plantation in Coorg. Green meadow covers the dam on one side and lush green forest on the other side, which is awesome to see.

Best places to visit in Coorg - Chiklihole dam

The generic semi-circular shaped dam without any crest gate, is itself a great attraction to the people.  Also, it is near to Dubare elephant camp and if you are lucky, you can take the picture of the elephants taking bath in Chiklihole dam.

Best season to visit: After Monsoon.

Tala Kaveri:

Tala Kaveri nestles at Brahmagiri hill near Bhagamandala in Kodagu district and is considered to be the source of river Kaveri. It is about 48 Km from Madikeri. Tala Kaveri is one the best place to visit at Coorg and nearly there 4 awesome vocational places near to it.

Best places to visit in Coorg - Tala kaveri

They are:

1. Tala Kaveri temple:

During Monsoon season, people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala visit Kaveri temple to workship Kaveramma and take holy water from temple pond to workship on the day of Kaveri Sangram.

2. Brahmagiri peak:

The mountain range in the Western Ghats of south India and on the border between Kodagu district of Karnataka and Wayanad district of Kerala.  It is the best place for trekking in Coorg and you should get prior permission from the forest department for trekking.

3. Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple:

Sri Bhangandeshwara temple situates at Bhagamandala village of Coorg and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Subramanya. The best time to visit is from October to February and the Hutari festival is in October.

4. Namdroling Monastery:

Namdroling Monastery is one of the best tourist places in Bylakuppe town of Coorg District. It is one of the largest teaching centers of yoga in the world. You can visit it from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Raja’s Seat:

Raja’s seat is one of the important tourist place in Coorg with the seasonal bare flower garden. The Raja’s seat is square in a shape, built with bricks and mortar surrounded by the garden. This garden is one of the favorite places for Kodagu raja’s to spend time with their family to watch the spectacular view of the sunset.

Best places to visit in Coorg - raja seat

You can also enjoy the musical fountain at Raja seat on weekdays at 7.00 pm and on weekends from 6.45 pm to 7.20 pm.

Best time to visit Coorg (Raja’s seat) is between October to March.

Abbey Falls:

Abbey fall is everyone’s favorite place to visit in Coorg and is at a distance of about 10 Km from Madikeri. The water falls from a height of about 70 feet and one can able to hear the waterfall sound even 2 km away from the fall. There is a restriction for bathing, but the flow of water gives a significant amount of water spray on you.

Best places to visit in Coorg - abbey falls

The waterfall is located between coffee plantation stay and a spice estate.  A forest hanging bridge is also there, which will be a perfect fit for adventurous people to treat your soul with adventure.

Best Season to visit: After monsoon.

Best time to visit: 9 AM to 5 PM.

Linga Rajendra Tomb/ Gaddige Raja’s Tomb:

Gaddige raja’s tomb located at one of the beautiful hill stations of Karnataka at a distance of 1.2 km from Madikeri. There are three tombs in total, the central tomb is the largest one and is for the king Doddaveerarajendra and his wife Mahadeviamma. The left tomb belongs to Veerarajendra’s guru Rudrappa built in 1834 A.D.

This one of the best sightseeing place in Coorg and you can have the view of Madikeri town from here. There is no specific season to visit the place if you want to enjoy the greenish winter of Coorg visit between November to February.


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    Trekking, camping, rappelling, rafting, kayaking, jeep safari are few the best adventure things to do in Coorg.

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