When the megastar of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan starred in the tourism video of Dubai with the tagline of ‘Be My Guest’, all that was left was just booking your tickets and leaving for the city right away! Rightly so. Dubai, which is now considered as one of the most expensive places in the world has shown a major transformation from being a desert city to an adventure hub. With the number of activities to do in Dubai, trying the experience of all in one go can become too tiresome for a single trip.

Activities In Dubai

Best Things To Do In DubaiPriceDifficulty Level
Fly BoardAED 300 for 20 minutesEasy
Dubai AutodromeNARiding at high speed may be dangerous
Hatta Mountain SafariVaries based on vehicle size Moderate
Sky divingAED 120 for full altitude; AED 90 for half- altitudeModerate
Dune BashingAED 125 for 15 minutesEasy and fin activity
Burj Khalifa JumpAED 1000 for one jumpHigh
Desert SafariVaries based on vehicle size Easy
Escape roomsVaries based on organizing companyDepends on the skill
Bungee JumpingSingle jump- AED339; Tandem jump- AED499Moderate
Quad BikingVaries based on organizing companyEasy
Sand boardingVaries based on organizing companyModerate
Adventure at waterparkVaries based on age and activity.Easy
Abra rideNAEasy

Fly Board:

One of the top things to do in Dubai, Flyboarding is like a combination of swimming and flying with a force enough to excite and pump up the adrenaline rush in one. In this, a board with a hose is attached to the Jet Ski engine. The engine pumps water making the person go as high as 100 feet above the ground or dive underwater, all at a speed of 150kmph.

Fly Board - adventurous things to do in dubai

Location: The Fishing Harbor, Jumeirah 2

Price: AED 300 for 20 minutes

Difficulty: If one can balance their body well it comes as quite an easy activity

Dubai Autodrome:

If driving on the Formula 1 racecourse has always been a dream for you then this adventure thing to do in Dubai is made for you. At Dubai Autodrome, one can drive on a race track set aside for this activity with some even getting to ride the Audi TT, Audi R8 and even a track-only Formula DXB.

things to do in dubai - dubai autodrome

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

Price: NA

Difficulty: Riding at high speed may be dangerous

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Hatta Mountain Safari:

Looking for cinematic adventurous things to do in Dubai? Then the mountain safari is the answer for you. This mountain safari, out of the 14 adventure activities in Dubai, will take one to the wilderness and extremes of the Hatta Mountains that lie behind the rugged canyon slopes. This is even offered as Dubai tour activities with a guide to Hatta Heritage Village and the ancient Hatta fort.

Hatta Mountain Safari

Location: Hatta Mountains

Price: Varies

Difficulty: The terrain may seem difficult to some but then that is how a safari becomes memorable!


You are at the top of the world (literally!) in a helicopter and as soon as you reach 14,000 feet, the doors open and there you can see the top of the tallest building, Burj Khalifa. You can feel the wind blowing past your face and the sound of the helicopter blades above. You are all set with the safety rope attached around you one step forward and boom! You are there high up in the air and hoping for taking this perfect shot with you forever! This view from above which is beyond words can be experienced in skydive Dubai and is a must on the list of 14 adventure activities in Dubai.

sky diving - activities in dubai

Location: The Palm Islands

Price: AED 120 for full altitude; AED 90 for half- altitude; additional charge for camera and videography.

Difficulty: Feeling scared is normal but then if one is fearful of heights then avoiding this is the best option.

Dune Bashing:

If planning for a trip packed with adventure then Dubai is the obvious answer. There are a whole lot of activities to do in Dubai. We have all heard of skydiving, jumping, and safari but have you ever tried your hands at driving, on a desert? Dubai which started as a desert has a lot to offer but Dune Bashing is a sport that can give one cinematic experience as if straight cut from the action thriller ‘Fast and Furious’, with you pressing hard on the gear and the sand from the dunes surrounding the area.

dune basing - adventurous things to do in dubai
image credit: tourscanner.co

Location: The Arabian Desert

Price: AED 125 for 15 minutes; also varies with desert safari chosen

Difficulty: It is a fun activity but can get scary at times. For those with medical history like Spondylitis should avoid this as there are a lot of jumps and turns.

Burj Khalifa Jump:

Burj Khalifa, a name synonymous with Dubai is a 163-floor tall building offering a breathtaking view of the city from the top. Now imagine you are standing tall on the highest floor of the building adorning the ground from above and preparing yourself to take the jump! This jump, for all the good reasons, gives one a chance to fly free while descending down to the ground. This activity, not new, always finds its place when considering 14 adventure activities in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa Jump - top things to do in dubai

Location: Burj Khalifa

Price: AED 1000 for one jump

Difficulty: Precautions are taken but this activity is not for the weak-hearted

Desert Safari:

Are you planning to visit Dubai? Then don’t miss out on the top thing to do in Dubai, Desert Safari. Dubai tour activities offer a camp on the beautiful desert with a number of activities such as dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and dune buggy riding.

Desert Safari - adventure near dubai

Location: Varies

Price: Varies

Difficulty: None

Deep-Sea Fishing:

Not only desert and mountain activities are what makes Dubai an adventure lover’s favorite but the sea, with its very rich marine life also attracts visitors. Deep-Sea Fishing is not only exciting but also fun when one can get hold of some great varieties here. Believe it or not, Deep Sea Fishing is considered one of the top things to do in Dubai.

Deep-Sea Fishing - dubai tour activities

Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek Harbor

Price: AED 500-1300

Difficulty: None, experts accompany on the trail

Escape Rooms:

Remember that virtual game where the user is locked inside a room and has to escape by solving the puzzle? This is exactly how you have to solve and try to escape these rooms. Within a given hour, using your skill and determination, moving out of these rooms is what this adventurous activity is all about.

Escape Rooms - activities to do in dubai

Location: There are various such activities found such as Phobia, No Way Out and more.

Price: Varies

Difficulty: It all depends on the skill

Bungee Jumping:

One of the best things to do in Dubai which also accounts for a favorite of many, Bungee Jumping transports one to a different world for a few minutes. This 50m jump is guided by experienced staff and supported by quality equipment.

adventure activities in dubai - bungee jumping
image credit: groupon.ae

Location: Gravity Zone

Price: Single jump- AED339; Tandem jump- AED499

Difficulty: None

Quad Biking:

One of the definite activities to do in Dubai is enjoying its native beauty i.e. the desert and the best way to explore this is by going quad biking. Unlike in dune bashing, quad biking allows one to traverse the path on a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle with low-pressure tires. Like many others, this also comes as Dubai tour activities along with lip-smacking food and live entertainment.

best things to do in dubai - quad biking

Location: The Arabian Desert

Price: Varies

Difficulty: Driving on new terrain and the heavy vehicle may not suit everyone


Many have already tried their hands on snowboarding but the fun of sandboarding is not to be missed. Out of the 14 adventure activities in Dubai, sandboarding excites many for it comes with a piece of new baggage of fun and challenge. In this, a person while standing on a board rides down a sand dune.

Sandboarding - activities in dubai

Location: The Arabian Desert

Price: Varies

Difficulty: Main difficulty comes when a person has to descend up to the dune after coming down.

Adventure At Waterpark:

The best human-made waterpark offering some of the best adventurous things to do in Dubai, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark caters to people from the age of 16 to 60. Yes! There are activities for all age groups and if you are into activities involving heights then try the Leap of Faith, fashioned after the Mayan Temple and visible (and audible) from all corners of the park.

Adventure At Waterpark - dubai tour activities

Location: Atlantis, The Palm

Price: Varies

Difficulty: None. It is just fun unlimited

Abra Ride:

If looking for an inexpensive and classy way to tour the city of Dubai, then taking the Abra ride is the best alternative. Out of the 14 adventure things to do in Dubai, taking an Abra ride is a favorite of many tourists and is preferred by the locals as well. Abras are small motorized taxis, operating on the water which can hold 20 people at a time.

water activity in dubai - abra ride

Location: Deira Route and Bur Dubai Route across Dubai Creek Harbor

Price: NA

Difficulty: None

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