Travelling is to be enjoyed not just endured. Find yourself engulfed in complete madness in Asia’s largest music festival. Right, guess! Yes, I am babbling about the Sunburn Festival of Goa, the ultimate party destination of India. This 3-day festival combines to form a fusion of rocking music, striking entertainment, delicious cuisines, and shopping.

Artists from all over the world blow in compelling erratic number of humans all across India breezing in to get high on absolute cracked up music. It basically promotes electronic dance music, modern trending hype among teenagers and college students throughout India. Sunburn festival is held on the beach where the arena is put up alongside the sea.

Sunburn festivals

Apart from the incredible performances what you don’t want to miss are the Multiple Afterdark parties, creating a spark in the already lit ambiance with the festival headliners playing intimate sets. Well, I say never ever underestimate the importance of having fun. There is no limit to the beaches in Goa, so don’t wait to get soaked up in beer and setting the mood to enjoy the aura it has to offer.

Sometimes instead of being away from all the chaos, becoming a part of it weighs more. To be a part of the Sunburn festival is not just about watching artists play or getting hopelessly drunk rather.  It also a chance to socialize with people, meet the new crowd, appreciating good music, dancing and connecting rare vibes.

Also, what’s more in the store for you are few endearing some amusing activities such as bungee jumping, helicopter rides, parasailing, soapy football matches and beach volleyball. Enthralling isn’t it?

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Jeeps and bikes can be taken on rent to explore best sites be it beaches, parties or decorated shops. It’s Goa we are talking about here, something always keeps happening somewhere.

Bike rent in Goa

Sunburn Goa festival is a perfect haven for those hoping to have real fun and immerse themselves in world-class EMD. Find yourself absorbed in heavy hard-core EDM music with your favorite DJ spinning your favorite track in this festival.

Sunburn is like no other festival as you see not only Indians foreigners from their native places to join the hype. Many celebrities can also be spotted who take their time off from their busy schedules just to enjoy. Who knows you may be lucky as well to get to party with your favorite star.

Check the Sunburn Goa festivals venue and date.

Sunburn festival is not just given the position of the 9th best music festival in this entire world for namesake. It has actually made its way to the hearts of the people, The ones who have witnessed it for real surely know.

Sunburn festival goa

The rest is for you to explore. So what are you waiting for? Take a break and scoot down to the craziest festival and get prepared to get sunburned!

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