We can see the smile on your face by reading the title. No, no need to deny, we know how hard you have worked to earn your long weekend and it’s time to spend it well. It’s like your own small summer vacation!

Isn’t south India blessed with many many weekend destinations? But to choose just the right one can become a task sometimes. Let us help you with it. 19th April is Good Friday and that gives us 3 good days to have a kick-ass travel plan.

Here’s a list of destinations and unique, extraordinary stay options that you can consider for the long weekend.

1. Kerala:

No, Kerala isn’t a bad option for summers if you know just the right places. Read on where we show you some of the amazing hill station stays and unique options to spend your long weekend.

1.1 Wayanad:

Even though, nowadays Wayanad is in news for other reasons (Rahul Gandhi and what not) but for travellers like us, Wayanad will always be a quick getaway from Bangalore with plenty of options to explore.

We found some mind blowing properties for you to try.

A unique tree house stay suitable for all your monkeying around?

Yes, of course. With options to go to a jungle safari and a cultural tour to understand the life of locals, you can do multiple activities during your stay here.

Wayanad weather will be an added bonus as the rest of India will be burning hot during that long weekend.

tree house stay in wayanad

Things you can try:

activities in wayanad tree house

Book your Wayanad tree house stay now.

A luxurious cottage to make sure you have a lazy weekend amidst mountains.

How long as it been that, all you have done in the weekend is laze around, eat when you want, do what you do, wake up looking at mountains and end your day with a bonfire?

Long weekend resort stay in wayanad

Well, this is your chance to rejuvenate yourself by doing all of this and more at this gorgeous property in Wayanad mountains.

Book your resort in Wayanad here with Funstay.

1.2 Munnar:

A blissful hill station, Munnar is ideal for the season and for the soul as well. Lush green mountains, beautiful tea estates, and loving people, Munnar has so much to offer if you look carefully.

How about a plantation holiday?

This unique stay facility comes with not only serenity but gives you a chance to unwind, connect with nature and locals as well.

places to visit in south india - Munnar plantation stay

The land is gifted with a vast variety of spice, fruit plants, and vegetables. Not only that, clean natural mineral-rich well water is an added attraction.  

Things you can try:

Things to do activities - Munnar plantation stay

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Revisit your childhood and lounge in luxury:

Do you miss that childhood time when you used to climb up any tree and just make it your home? Well, time to revisit that time. This tree house is where luxury meets nostalgia.

holiday spots to visit in south india for this long weekend - Munnar tree house

Designed by a Swiss engineer, this tree house is one of the best stays you can find in Kerala. Chill by the tree, enjoy a bonfire and adventurous sports activities and take a swing like no one is watching! The choice is yours.

See what other things you can do here

things to do in tree house at Munnar

Book your exclusive tree house stay here:

2. Karnataka:

‘One State, Many Worlds,’ we can not think of a better way to describe Karnataka. It’s blessed with so many beautiful destinations and we can assure you, in spite of so many travelers exploring them every now and then, we have just scratched the surface.

We have found some amazing staying options for you which will definitely relax you and bring you closer to nature.

2.1 Coorg:

What to say about Coorg which already has not been said? Having said that, if you are looking for a magical land where the blue sky looks a little more blue and lush green forests look a little more green, head to Coorg NOW! The bike trip route to Coorg from Bangalore is just dreamy and so scenic.

A Coorgi style home surrounded with coffee and spices plantations:

Wake up amidst these plantations, take a long walk towards misty mountains, have homemade breakfast and just chill! Sounds like a plan?

Deepwoodz plantation stay Coorg

Along with it, these are the things you can try:

Things to do in Deepwoodz plantation stay, Coorg

Book your unique stay in Coorg.

Take a tour in the past in this beautiful Coorgi villa:

What if we tell you time travel is possible? Get back to that time when people used to take their own time to build their homes and then they used to have time to spend in the home.

Rare earth estate homestay Coorg.

Sit in the veranda, enjoy some home cooked local meals, experience the magic of coffee plantations, pick up a book or just do nothing!

You can also try these things:

things to do in rare earth estate homestay

Book your Homestay in Coorg at

2.2 Chikamangalur

If you are adventurous then you know Chikamangalur is your soul place. A home to elephants, leopards and tigers and coffee plantations, Chikamangalur is a drop dead gorgeous place in Karnataka which you should definitely consider for the upcoming long weekend.

A tree house overlooking the untouched beauty of western ghats:

Roam around tea gardens, enjoy the campfire with family and friends, have engaging conversations with the homestay owners Go rafting or just chill!

tree house stay in Chikmagalur - best for long weekend trip

Check out the other activities here:

Activities to do in Chikmagalur

Book your Tree house stay in Chikmagalur.

A weekend full of activities with a tent stay:

If you want to spend your long weekend by doing multiple activities, a tent stay is just the best. It’s pocket-friendly, innovative and you can spend your entire day trekking, rafting, taking nature walks in tea estates and more.

Tent stay in Chikmagalur

A list of all the activities you can do here:

Things to do activity in Chikmagalur

Book your tent stay in Chikmagalur with Funstay.

3. Tamil Nadu:

Blue skies, lush green trees and a home to 8 world heritage sites, Tamilnadu never fails to surprise us. Starting from a number of historic buildings to being a home to Bharatnatyam, Tamilnadu has to be one of the top destinations if you sure looking for a short break.

3.1 Ooty

Here are some unique stay options that you can consider:

Experience the English royalty in this beautiful bungalow:

No, no need to make faces. Yes, we know you have been to Ooty. Yes, we know Ooty is very touristy and probably you want to visit something ‘unexplored’ right?

Bungalow stay in Ooty - best place to stay

But consider this – a colonial mansion remodeled from an old English bungalow, a tea plantation to take your morning walks, an old camera collection just waiting to be explored and If you are lucky enough, a chance to spot ‘Hoopoe’ (a colorful bird species with a crown of feathers) interesting right?

Along with it, try these things as well:

Things to do activity in Ooty - Bungalow stay

Book your stay in Ooty here.

A paradise for photographers:

If you are a photographer, or if you enjoy spending your mornings and evenings by watching the sunrise and sunset, this is just the place for you to be.

stay in ooty

Experience the color changing the sky, sit in the balcony, take out your camera and that’s it. Your weekend is set. The place also provides a gorgeous farm stay experience and picturesque locations.

You can also find these things to do:

things to do in tamarala Ooty stay

Book your unique Ooty homestay.

We hope we have motivated you enough to start planning the long weekend. Remember, stays are getting booked as we speak, so plan ahead and happy long weeeekend you all!

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