Meghalaya is one of the seven North Eastern states of India, sharing its boundaries with Assam and Bangladesh towards the north and south respectively. Meghalaya tourism spots are the adobe for leisure travelers. In Sanskrit Meghalaya means “The abode of clouds” and trust me when you find your windows foggy with white fluffy clouds outside your cozy little wooden room, it’s not a dream, but it’s Meghalaya.

A very filmy hill station, with never-ending chill and a very unpredictable weather. Make sure you carry umbrellas around; you never know what you could be using it for? Sun or rain? Who cares?

It’s a treat to the eyes both ways!!

Best time to visit Meghalaya:

Meghalaya is also a state which receives an immense amount of rainfall, Cherapunjee and Mawsynram hence named as the wettest places on earth. The heaviest rainfall is during the months of May and goes on sometimes well into the middle of October.

best time to visit meghalaya

One might question, what is so amazing about a cloudy rainy place anyways? And that’s where you are mistaken my friend, Meghalaya is not just some cloudy rainy place. Meghalaya tourism places are till date one of the coolest places you could visit this year!

SummerApril to June12 to 30 degrees
MonsoonJune to October10 to 25 degrees
WinterOctober to February3 to 15 degrees

Meghalaya in May and June:

One of the coolest places in the country because, its 21 degrees in Meghalaya right in May and June. What’s cool enough for me to pack my bags and settle in Meghalaya every summer!!

Just kidding!!

That’s cool enough to settle forever in fact!!

Best season to visit Meghalaya: Summer (April to June) & Winter (October to February).

Best places to visit in Meghalaya:

The abundance of rainfall easily explains the abundance of waterfalls in the state. Nohkalikai falls, along with Kynrem waterfall and Mawsmai waterfalls are some of the most picturesque and relaxing Meghalaya tourist places. Besides, the roaring sound of the waterfall, are trails which take you through caves and alongside the path of the water. You see how an object as flexible as water can be powerful enough to carve its way through whatever the obstacle it faces.

places to visit in meghalaya - nohkalikai fall

Meghalaya houses some of the largest and longest caves of Asia. What is even better is that the state has promoted and generated caving as an adventure sport since the British Raj era. Annual caving explorations in Meghalaya is one of your tickets to explore the unseen parts of a 1000-year-old cave.

Longest cave in Meghalaya is Krem Liat Prah in Jaintia Hills.

Longest cave in Meghalaya - Krem Liat Prah

Caves interesting formations, some caves require you to swim through the length of it, some caves have both vertical and horizontal entry and exits, and some where you encounter huge hall like chambers with colorful formations in green, orange, blue, grey, white etc. one of the most hauntingly beautiful creations of nature, dark, mysterious and full of life flowing within it.

History of Meghalaya’s root bridges:

Meghalaya, the only place where bridges are grown not built! Yes, you heard it right, there are bridges made of roots, of living trees, handmade customized and decorated! As good as an iron bridge or may be stronger than them. A time-tested nature wonder!

A particular tribe of Meghalaya, known as the War-Khasis, realized how strong and unbent nature could be and decided to rely on Mother Nature to overcome the obstacles in nature. These living bridges are made by these tribes by directing them towards a particular direction and holding them with other natural substances.

Double Decker living root bridge of Meghalaya

The most famous Double Decker living root bridge of Meghalaya.

These bridges have been known to be some 500 years old and none of the tribesmen remember its origination. All that remains of this ancient uber cool technique are these root bridges spread throughout the state, connecting villages, another thing to add to the list of things that make Meghalaya unique for all travelers.

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Things to see in Meghalaya:

Meghalaya also offers a rare 300+ species of butterflies found in the scattered forests of the state.

The bright vivid mountains of Meghalaya, go well with the bright attires, beautiful people and the spicy tangy cuisine.

vivid mountains - Meghalaya tourism

Spend a day in Meghalaya and you already feel like your home. It will get you to one of the places to spend your holiday and also get the local experience arranged for you as well. Who doesn’t love a plateful of spicy curries, freezing in the never-ending rainfall, with a mind full of unique experiences and random memories! Blanketed between the clouds, this is a true beauty which most people fail to recognize.

Why do travelers love Meghalaya:

Meghalaya is a different world in itself, a mosaic of natural beauty, a rollercoaster ride for the taste buds, a living example of unique and unbent moral values, a mile away from Bangladesh, a mile ahead of the country’s generation. Drenched in the old world charm, it’s relaxing, it’s fresh, and it’s mesmerizing. The Mesmerizing Meghalaya indeed. Already getting excited about your next vacations. Plan Meghalaya trip with Funstay!

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