Beautiful beaches, picturesque location, lip-smacking seafood, satisfying drinks, and a dreamy water villa. Too difficult to imagine all this in one place? Nor really. One can experience the bliss of a magical vacation by holidaying in the tropical country of Maldives. The Maldives is a delight for swimmers with their blue waters and sandy beaches and a great option for the nature lovers as well.  To start the trip on a good note, staying in a beautiful place is a must and this facility comes in best when staying at a Maldives water villa or Maldives resort on the water.

To begin the journey, these water villa or water bungalows provide transportation facilities from the airport. Therefore, pick up and drop are included in the stay package which reduces the travel trouble to half. The sea boat or seaplane which acts as the medium of transportation between the airport and Maldives sea villa is a great experience in itself.

best water villas in maldives

On arrival, the courteous staff treats the guests with a lot of care. Some even provide refreshments while going up to the room. For honeymooners, there are special packages offered by different villas and in these packages, there are options available for bouquets on arrival as well. The first thing that stands out in these Maldives floating villas is the turquoise blue water surrounding the area. All around one can see the calm seawater flowing and the peaceful sound is too relaxing for the ears.

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The rooms available on these Maldives water villa are of different categories and guests can choose according to their requirements and budget. From beach villa to overwater villa, there is a lot of options to confuse one! The view from these rooms is beautiful and being surrounded by water 24 hours a day transports one to a different world altogether.

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Away from the jam-packed roads and car honking, one can relax while doing nothing here. Everything in the rooms is of good quality. The provisions provided are also great. One can wake up in the morning and can enjoy a cup of tea in the wooden porch overlooking the sea and the horizon in front.

Moving next to the facilities offered on Maldives floating villa, one can enjoy all the luxury of staying in a five-star hotel. There may not be air conditioners on display but the natural environment of being surrounded by the water and hearing the morning bird’s call or witnessing the sun rising from the horizon makes the journey all the more satisfying. Maldives sea villa promises some of the best delicacies of the whole world. There are sections divided into each cuisine- Italian, Indian, Maldivian and much more. For a local feel, there are outdoor restaurants set up on the beaches which serve some of the best seafood ones can ask for.

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Not only this, for honeymooners’ special private dinner is also available as an option. Themed evenings are also arranged wherein the guests can enjoy the dining experience. When one says that the hospitality is great here, one is not exaggerating because these sea villas also house a number of bars, each having its own uniqueness. From cocktails to mocktails, one can get anything they demand to quench their thirst. Some of the best water villas in the Maldives also hold beach parties and there will be New Year Eve’s party and Christmas party this year as well. There are nearly six bars in each of these Maldives resort on the water. There are bars which provide some nice drinks with music. Beach parties hosted by these bars are great fun to attend with the locals and guests having a blast together.

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Apart from these above-mentioned dining facilities, the Maldives water villa also provide recreation and excursion facilities. It is hard to categorize as all the floating villas are the best water villas in the Maldives and with the amount they charge, they outdo one’s expectations. Coming to the Maldives and not trying the bliss of spa, which is considered the best here, cannot complete one’s trip and rightly so. The obvious facility offered by all sea villas in the Maldives is a spa. One can relax while letting go of all the stress that they hold. There are also a gymnasium and swimming pool available in some Maldives resort on the water. From table tennis to volleyball, yoga and marine conservation, there is everything suiting to one’s liking. The best thing on offer in almost all the water bungalows the Maldives is free Wi-Fi!

The Maldives as we all already know is a famous destination for marriages and honeymoon with many celebrities going off to this country on the Indian Ocean for a quick retreat. Due to the rising demand for these activities, many Maldives sea villa offers the facility of exchanging vows as well. Being a great spot for water activity (the location says it all!) the best water villas in the Maldives also have snorkeling and diving included in its facilities. One can go fishing with their loved one while enjoying the tranquility around or can undertake a Nature walk enjoying the beauty of the place.

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All in all, for a dreamy Maldives vacation, coming to a stay in Maldives floating villas is the best option. There are water villas with different budgets catering to everyone’s pocket pinch and the excellent accommodation coupled with the great facilities and courteous staff makes one leave the place with satisfaction in their heart, a smile on their faces and a whole lot of memories and pictures in that camera!

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