Maachli means Machan in Konkani. If you are wondering what that means, a Machan is originally a platform erected in the trees, which was initially used as a hideout or a place to look after the animals and crops by the south Asian Agriculturalist community. Maachli farmstay has inherited this exact idea in naming themselves and while designing the cottages too.

These triangular cottages are spread over a smaller portion of the bigger farm that the Samant Family holds. Given the overwhelming bond the family shares with the farm, they have succeeded in managing the balance between nature and necessities, in preserving the simplicity of an ethnic lifestyle and in delivering a true eco-friendly yet a luxurious time to all its visitors!

The farm stay is a 9-hour drive from Mumbai and a mere 30-40 min drive from the nearest railhead, Kudal. Situated in a proper dense farm of coconut, betel nut, mangoes and spice plantation, it’s usually difficult to imagine such a luxurious cottage somewhere in the middle of this. The cottages are guarded by a tiny stream which is also what you cross before entering the area, the flowing water helps keep the temperature in check, meaning no Air conditioner and machinery cooling. Strangely the absence of an Ac is not at all noticed and in fact some days the simple breezy environment is chilly enough for you to snuggle up in a quilt in the nights.

Rooms in maachli homestay

Rooms in maachli homestay

The Rooms in each cottage are well maintained and provide all the basic needs for the visitors

Caretakers in Maachli Farmstay:

Now, if you think clean rooms, well-maintained aura and a blissful surrounding is all you get in this homestay, wait till you meet the host family. The Samant family are a bunch of happy and helpful people who seem to be enjoying every part of their job, it’s almost like they were sent to this world to make people happy!! They are more than willing to guide you through the surrounding villages, instruct you to the ways in and out of the area, and take you for a splendid sunset in the nearby beaches.

Things to do:

To ensure a truly peaceful stay, there are no televisions and no radios; wondering what you get instead?

  • A life-size big forest to trail your eyes through.
  • A trek to a nearby beach.
  • An evening walks through the nearest village.
  • Take a selfie with a perfectly blue and clear sky.
  • The sound of flowing water accompanied by the chirping of birds and the noisy chatter of the monkeys.

All these things take you to your childhood which we so dearly miss in our hectic jam-packed lives nowadays!!!

Beach near maachli homestay

The nearby beach which is an hour walk from the homestay

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Restless Evening in the village:

Whether you are an outdoor person or an indoor person, there are programs and options for both the kinds, to make sure you relish each and every moment and get the most out of your stay. You can spend your time visiting the nearby villages, getting to know about the farming techniques, temples and heritage house. They take you around explaining the belief of the villagers, showing you the true rural life that is followed. Pottery making, fishing, getting to know the kitchen rituals and even learning some new dishes.

A walk to the nearby Riverside

A walk to the nearby Riverside

Finger licking Home-made Konkani food:

And to top it all off, to make you fall you in love with the Konkani cuisine which is a specialty of the women in the house. Mrs. Samant, a sorcerer of taste buds and don’t blame anyone if you happen to sit and eat all throughout your stay.

Because yes! The food is that good!!

Homemade food in Maachli farmstay

Homemade food in Maachli farmstay

Freshly made lip-smacking seafood, Konkani curries, earthenware, eco-friendly plates, and utensils.

Mrs. Samant is a welcoming woman and even lets you see through the cooking process and teaches you a dish. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings to have a plateful of the home-cooked meal after a tiring day. End a day with a perfect moonlit dinner, out at the dining table next to the river!

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