Ladakh, the paradise for leisure traveler and adventure junkies who love to hike the snow-filled peaks, bike trip on the high motorable road, white water rafting at Phey and more.

But ” Where is Ladakh?” term is common among most of the people.

Leh Ladakh is a region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which stands at a staggering height of 20,000 ft. The scenic beauty and the challenge of roughing it out, has made Ladakh a favorite with adventure enthusiasts. The remote location and high altitude of Ladakh make it unsuitable for those looking for a quick holiday. You will need time to get accustomed to Ladakh’s weather conditions.

However, its natural and old world charm has been majorly preserved due to the lack of modernity. It’s nothing less than a dream come true for a traveler to finally experience the days under the blue skies of Ladakh, scaling it through one valley to the other, hovering around the barren landscapes, trekking to the top of mountains and camping near shiny blue lakes which mirror the beautiful starlit sky.

I am sure even a lifetime would not be enough to seep in the beauty of this place, for where do you find such vast variations in the same land. But for those who are planning a Ladakh trip, there are some of the things that one should not miss.

Driving through the valley!!!

You may be alone, with your significant other, or with a group of friends, doesn’t really matter!! As long as you got a set of wheels with you, the roads will always be your best friend!! Ladakh offers some of the most picturesque roads and travel options.

Ladakh road

The snowcapped mountains guarding both sides of the roads, the golden stretch that lays in front of you, the chilled winds and the frequent fluttering of colorful prayer flags throughout the way.

We have seen enough pictures of this beautiful path, so what’s a better way to experience this land then mapping. It’s time for Ladakh road trip!!

Ladakh road trip

You might as well end up with one of those perfect pictures of the valley and your two-wheeler!!

Ladakh Lakes !!

Pangong lake Ladakh:

This beautiful lake of the 3idiots fame, Pangong Lake is about 134 Km long and 60% of it falls under China. At an altitude of 14,270 ft. Also, the Lake freezes in the winter and also is one of the rare water bodies sharing its boundaries with two countries. One of the best Leh sightseeing spots had a fair share of fame being used in Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Pangong lake Ladakh

The other lakes of Ladakh don’t fail to be a visual treat and give tough competition to the beauty of Pangong. Other major lakes in the area are…

Another beauty, Tsomoriri Lake. Fed by springs and melting snow from the neighboring mountains.

Tso moriri - Leh and Ladakh

And, another saltwater lake, Tso Kar Lake.

Leh ladakh trip - Tso Kar Lake

Best time to go Leh&Ladakh: May to September.

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The Monasteries in the valley:

Well, I don’t think anyone who has seen these pictures can get over the beauty and serenity of Ladakh, so to give you some more traveling goals lets go through some of the most beautifully placed monasteries where the gods would like to reside without a doubt.

During the long course of its history, Ladakh was ruled by several dynasties that brought their culture, religion, and traditions to this region, giving it a unique mixture.

Monastery in Leh ladakh

There are innumerable monasteries in Ladakh, some in ruins while others are still in inhabited, running as educational centers. It would not be unjust to point out that these monasteries are both cultural and architectural delight for its spectator!!

The Hemis monastery, one of the largest monasteries of the region. The Hemis festival held in this monastery is one of the highlights of this monastery.

places to visit in leh ladakh- Hemis monastery

The Thicksey Monastery, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Monasteries this region has seen, also one of the most popular ones.

The Stok Gompa and palace, the royal residence and a museum combined together give us a very clear view of the history Leh. A trip to Leh must include all these spiritual monasteries.

Places to visit in Leh-Ladakh:

The Magnetic Hill Ladakh:

Ladakh presents in front of you, the Magnetic hill!!

The common myth that goes around this place says once you park your vehicle on the written point of this road, the hill pulls the vehicle uphill on its own. Which seems pretty magical, as if being in Ladakh wasn’t magical enough? This phenomenon has struck a chord with visitors and every one of them makes sure that this phenomenon is witnessed at least once during their stay.

Magnetic Hill Ladakh

But!! Spoiler alert!! The fact behind this unnatural phenomenon is actually a quite natural trick that the landscapes of Ladakh play with your eyes!! Objects and cars on the hill may appear to roll “uphill” in defiance of gravity when they are, in fact, rolling downhill. Ha! Tricked you didn’t it! But all the less it’s worth giving a visit and boasting about this magical phenomenon to your colleagues and revealing the secret much latter as a mystery!!

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The Kargil:

Before the Partition of India in 1947, Kargil was part of the Baltistan district of Leh, a sparsely populated region with diverse linguistic, ethnic and religious groups, living in isolated valleys separated by the world’s tallest mountains. The First Kashmir War concluded with the Baltistan district and the district of Kargil lying on the Indian side in the Ladakh subdivision.

Trip to leh ladakh - Kargil

Kargil was once a busy town as it was within the trade route to and from China, Afghanistan, India, and Turkey. However, the town has remained largely peaceful after the war and is home to a number of scenic attractions. The mere nostalgia people associate with the infamous Kargil war makes it a must visit for our countrymen.

All said and done, there are a number of things to do and places to visit in Ladakh. Leh awaits you with in-numerable new stories and unique experiences, the question is, are you awaiting Ladakh?

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