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Kheerganga – Elevated hills and exciting plans, the adrenaline rush and endless exploring, a destination, a beautiful but unexplored place in Himachal Pradesh, a story in itself.

Kheerganga A stream on the way to Kheerganga, it says – Please keep this land beautiful

My journey starts by taking a bus from Delhi and reaching the junction town, Bhuntar the next morning. Being from the ever blasting smoggy city of Delhi, waking up to naturally filtered air and colors brighter then imagination was happiness in the true sense. The roads divide at this point, the first one has buses going towards Manali and the other towards Parvati valley, Himachal.

Busses and taxi being abundant and very reasonable are also the most fun way to travel through the hills. Get the much-needed information from the locals, talk about a village or simply strike a conversation about anything, an honest smile and a good company is always appreciated. The bus stops at the small chattering village, Kasol. The distance between Delhi and Kasol is 512Km and it will take approximately 12hrs to reach.

The best way to reach Kheerganga from Delhi:

Delhi  -> Chandigarh -> Bhuntar -> Kasol -> Barshaini -> Kheerganga

For most of the travelers Kasol is like a mid-day nap, after the extensive traveling or before trying to map out all the hills in front of you, take a much needed laid back break in Kasol, rejuvenate and then get back on the road.

Kasol is surrounded by serene hamlets in most of the directions just in case you want a quick peaceful detour. The owners of hotels and the homestay in kheerganga are friendly with the customers and often give you very useful travel tips and tricks.

Parvathi valley, kheergangaCross the Parvati river on an iron bridge to reach the village of Challal from Kasol

Busses traveling towards Kasol or the opposite direction can be found every hour. While taking a bus or a taxi towards Kheerganga you should know that the last motorable road goes till Barshaini and you would have to trek your way up till Kheerganaga. Although there have been newly constructed ways which go up till the villages of tosh.

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Once you have reached Barshaini the journey starts as a tough steeply challenging trek through the valley of Parvati, with local stories and myths reporting deaths, people missing for months and very fatal injuries in the past. But the transparent beauty of nature won’t let you settle down, not at least till you have seeped down half of the charm into yourself.

The Parvati River effortlessly becomes a melodious companion all throughout the journey flowing next to you till the end. Completely untouched by humanity, the innocence and the rawness of nature are what will leave you gasping in astonishment.

The journey itself feels like an out of the movie experience, when you finally reach Kheerganga the first thing anyone would do is stop and stare at the sheer vastness, the vacant beauty that lies in front of their eyes.

Trekking in kheergangaThick alpine forest and grassy path on the trek

Kheerganga being located at a height of 2960m is chilly all throughout the year. The temperature in Kheerganga will come below 2 degrees and hence is closed for tourist and the lodge owners come down to warmers places for a particular time period.

Fooding and lodging are available for the rest of the year within very basic rates and very basic facilities as well. It is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva meditated for 3000 years adding to its religious value and making it a holy shrine other than a trekkers paradise. All in all, Kheerganga is a trek which would leave you wanting for more every time you end.

If anyone wishes to take it a notch higher and do some more hardcore Kheerganga trekking with friends, options are available to explore pin Parvati and other stops that come in between…

Best Trekking Routes for Kheerganga:

There are 2 routes for a trek to Kheerganga…

  1. Barshaini village -> Kalga village -> Kheerganga trekking peak.
  2. Barshaini village ->Nakthan village -> Kheer Ganga trek.

And I just used route 1 and it will take you through dense forest, best for Kheerganga camping at the lap of mother nature. For those, who don’t want camping, few budget-friendly homestays in kheerganga are there.

There are also, Other Trekking spots near Kheerganga…

  • Buni Buni pass trek.
  • Kutta village trek.
  • Tosh trek.

These are all small treks but gave an awesome experience to me.

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