Every village has its own tale. Although some of them are fascinating, some are full of good vibes, a few scare the hell out of us, however, all of them are worth visiting at least once. When we stumbled upon a few interesting villages, all we knew that we had to share them with you.

So are you ready to see some of the world’s most interesting villages? Book your ticket already!

Here are some of the most interesting villages in the world that you don’t want to miss!

Rainbow Village – Taiwan

If you are looking for one of the most instagrammable spots in Taiwan, this is it. In Taiwan, there is an entire village full of colorful homes called ‘Rainbow Village’. Huang Yung-Fu, a former soldier created it to be able to save it. Rainbow Village is one of the most instagrammable places in Asia. He began painting houses in his village to save them from demolition. Over the years, his colorful artwork, including birds, animals, and people, has spread over the remaining houses in the village, which a few years back only contained 1,200 homes.

Interesting village in Taiwan
The beautiful rainbow village in Taiwan

2. The village of twins – Kerala, India

A small and warm village in Kerala – Kodinhi, has continued to confuse researchers because of a particular phenomenon. This village has the largest number of twins in the country (around 400). There are various speculations about this particular marvel. While some say it’s causing because of the weather and water in the village while others claim it’s genetic. However, as far as scientific studies are concerned, there is no concrete answer to this unusual occurrence. But, wouldn’t it be interesting to go visit so many twins at one spot?

Interesting village in Kerala
The twin town in Kerala

3. Popeye village – Malta

Malta has always managed to surprise us. So their new tagline ‘Oh My Malta’ doesn’t surprise us at all! Imagine a prototype village with the sole purpose of shooting a film later turns into a popular tourist attraction because of its unique concept. interesting isn’t it? The production company built this village to shoot a film of one of our most beloved characters – Popeye. He arrives in this village to find his long lost father. The village set was built between 1979-1980. Even after the film’s shooting, the villagers kept the village in the same way and still is one of the major attractions for tourists. Who wouldn’t like to visit the village of Popeye and his friends? Feeling the nostalgia already?

Interesting village in Malta - Popeye Village
Popeye Village in Malta

4. Smurfs village – Zuzcar, Spain

In 2011, Sony Pictures tossed this idea of painting this sleepy town blue to promote the movie – Smurfs. The villagers happily agreed to do so. Not only that, but the village also had paintings of Smurfs, decorated walls, stalls filled with Smurfs merchandise, Smurf souvenirs and some locals even dressed up as Smurf characters to pose for photos for the tourists. And that’s how this town got some recognition from around the world. Around 80,000 tourists visit the smurfs village every year.

But this excitement was short lived. As this promotion was temporary, when the locals prolonged it, that did not go well with the makers of the movie. They put a condition to share the profits with the producers or stop using the name of the franchise. In conclusion, now the village is promoting itself without the name of the smurfs village. With or without the name, the village continues to attract tourists from around the world. Smurfy village… here we come!

 Interesting village in Spain - the smurf village
Juzcar, small village in Malaga, Spain. First smurf village in the world

5. The village with beauty, authenticity and integrity – Shirakawa-go, Japan

There are very few villages that give us a feeling of time travel. This hidden and quiet unheard village is a classic example of it. Shirakawago still has the old styled Gassho-style houses which are a rare sight to watch in Japan now. The villagers have managed to strike a beautiful balance of the modern world and the classic good old world. The village also possesses the proud history of centuries. It has been there since the 11th century and seen, witnessed the rapid change in the world. But somehow it’s still holding on to the integrity and originality and that’s what is so beautiful about the village. In winters, this village turns into a fairy-tale with the large amount of snow fall and all things pretty. Who is blocking the calendar to see this beaut?

Most interesting village in Japan
Shirakawa village in Japan

So, do you have a list of interesting villages? which village did you find most interesting? We feel the best way to visit these villages is by slow travel. Relax, spend time with the locals, know more of their history. After all, travel is all about that, isn’t it?

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