Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination out of the innumerable places in India is really a tedious task and when looking for a hill- station, the options seem too beautiful to ignore! But the Honeymoon in Manali usually makes the mark for many couples.

With the scenic view and romantic atmosphere, there is love in the air here. From enjoying a cup of warm coffee on a rooftop café overseeing the Himalayan mountains to indulging in adrenaline rush activities, Manali trip is a hot favorite among the honeymoon planners. Honeymoon in Manali is affordable, beautiful and yes, memorable. Why go to Switzerland when we have our own named Manali!

Best time to visit Manali

December- January is considered the ideal time for honeymooners as the snow starts to fall making the area look like a flawless painting.

Yet all around the year, one can find themselves enchanted by the beauty of Manali, so one can plan accordingly. Each season has a different panoramic view to offer but many usually prefer the winter as the best time to visit for a honeymoon in Manali.

March to June: Being a hill- station, the summer here is pleasant. One can indulge in activities such as a paragliding, rafting and trekking along the Solang Valley. 

July to September: The monsoon season sets in which can turn tricky due to landslides taking place. Though this time has its own attractions, not many take a chance.

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October to February: It is the time of the year when the footfall is the most as winters in Manali are the most beautiful. The temperature may even go down to negative. 


The climate of Manali is predominantly cool and pleasant. During winters it can get chilly but the summers are bearable and pleasant. The maximum temperature can go up to 30 degrees and the lowest being in negative. 

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How to reach Manali:

Being one of the most frequented hill stations of the country, it is well connected by road to different parts of the state, Himachal Pradesh and the Kalka Railway Station which connects it to the different parts of the country.

By Rail: Jogindernagar railway station is the nearest railway station to Manali which connects it to the major cities of the country. After reaching Jogindernagar railway station, one can take a bus or a cab to Manali which is a 3- 4 hour ride approximately. One can even go to Chandigarh and then take another mode of transportation from there.

By Air: If one is planning to take a flight to Manali then the nearest domestic airport is in Chandigarh. It is well connected to different state airports. The nearest international airport is located in Delhi from where one can take a bus or a cab directly to Manali.

Bhuntur Airport is the nearest to Manali (50 km approx.) as well as Kullu (10 km.). Domestic flights connect it to Delhi and Chandigarh but it is usually irregular owing to the high altitude.

By Bus: Travelling by bus means a tiring journey but one has the option of availing either the government-run or the private bus. One can even book them beforehand. From Chandigarh, it takes approximately 9 hours to reach Manali.

From Delhi as well there are a number of bus services available covering a distance of 550 km. If one is coming from Ambala, they can take a cab to Chandigarh and a bus thereafter. Opting for AC Volvo is also available.

By Road: Travelling by road is not an easy job as one has to be careful of the curvy roads and a number of turns. In spite of this, it gives one the most satisfaction as the road up there offers a breathtaking view.

From Delhi, one can take the national highway NH1 till Chandigarh and from there NH21. It is 260 km from Delhi till Chandigarh and 273 km thereafter.

Places to visit in Manali:

From skiing in the Solang Valley to trekking in the Parvati Valley, there is at least one activity for everyone. From paragliding to immersing oneself in the beauty of the wooden Hadimba Temple, one can witness their extreme personalities. Manali sightseeing is a traveller’s delight. With the places to visit being many based on one’s choice, here are a few which no one should miss.

Rohtang Pass: One of the most famous tourist spot of the region, Rohtang Pass is located at a distance of 51 km from Manali on the highway to Leh. Due to heavy snowfall, the roads turn slippery making it inaccessible during the winters. It is a haven for adventure enthusiasts and a paradise for the photographers. Not one is left untouched by the beauty of Mother Nature. Nearby are the Dassaur Lake and the Beas Kund.

Rohtang Pass - Honeymoon places to visit in Manali

Solang Valley: Visit in winter and enjoy the fun of skiing or drop by during the cool summers and have an adrenaline rush by indulging in paragliding or horse riding. Located at a distance of 14 km between the village of Solang and Beas Kund, this place offers all the ‘live in the moment’ feel to one. The activities are rated at a decent amount and one can spend time here to their heart’s content.

Solang valley - places to see in manali

Old Manali: The Manu Maharishi Temple dedicated to sage Manu (from where Manali gets its name) is located here. Picturesque view, rustic cottages, flowing river nearby and the beauty of Nature, is all one finds here. It is different from New Manali and attracts people for its own charm. Planning for a honeymoon in Manali? A walk through Old Manali demands for a special day.

Old Manali  - places to visit in kullu manali

Naggar: Located at a distance of 20 km from Manali, the Naggar village which was once the capital of the Kullu kingdom, is now listed as one of the main attractions of the region. Naggar Castle, a wood and brick structure, once served as the royal residence, has now been converted to a heritage hotel, offering a scenic view of the Kullu Valley.

Naggar Manali - honeymoon in manali

Some other notable attractions of this area are the magnificent Gauri Shankar Temple, Chatur Bhuj Temple, and the Roerich Art Gallery. This place can be visited anytime during the year but winters can make one shiver.

Jogini Falls: Located at a distance of 3 km from Manali, one can enjoy the calmness and serenity of the region by drowning themselves in the sound of the flowing water. Tourists can visit the Vashisht Temple (and can even enjoy the Vashisht Bath, hot water spring) and can trek ahead from there to reach this spot which is around 2 km away. The view of the waterfall accompanied by the high mountains and pine trees give it a heavenly touch.

Jogini Falls - places to see in manali

Beas Kund: A holy place for the Hindus, where it was believed that Sage Vyas used to take his bath every day, the Beas River originates from the Beas Kund Lake in the Dhauladhar range. One can go trekking or can opt for camping. A touch of divinity can bring the journey to a full circle, right?

beas kund - honeymoon spot in manali

Hadimba Temple: Also known as the Dhoongri Temple, as it is located inside the dhoongri forest, this temple is dedicated to Hadimba, the wife of Bhim in Mahabharata. This peaceful temple is built in pagoda style with the walls decorated with wood carvings depicted mythological characters and animal motifs.

Hadimba Temple - manali honeymoon sightseeing spot

The best time to visit this place is in May as then an annual Hadimba Devi Festival is organized celebrating the birthday of the goddess. Manali sightseeing is definitely incomplete without this!

Nehru Kund: Made famous after Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru was believed to drink water from here, it is a natural spring of cold water. The spring water comes down from the Bhrigu Lake which is situated at a height of 4300 km in Kullu district.

Things to do in Manali:

A trip to Manali or to any nearby place will definitely bring out the child in everyone. With activities to offer at affordable prices and comfortable for almost everyone, one is left with a tough decision to make. It will sure make one wish to stay a little more (everyday!)

Trekking: A base for treks, Manali offers trekking facilities (with precautions, obviously!) at a pretty good price with experienced guides. There is hardly anyone who leaves this place without trying it once. Yoga trekking, combine the benefits of Yoga with the fun of trekking is new on offer.

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Manali Trekking - things to do in manali

Skiing: During winters the best thing to offer here is the adrenaline rush session of skiing surrounded by the high mountains and the ground covered in the blanket of snow.

River Rafting: Come summers and there is a high demand for river rafting. The Beas River offers one the reason to indulge in some adventure. 

River Rafting in Manali - things to do in kullu manali

Zorbing: A one- of- it’s a kind activity where a person is put inside a huge plastic ‘zorb’ ball and made to roll down a mountain slope. It’s good to become a child at times!

Zorbing in Manali

Shopping: Shop till you drop’- old adage? Nah! Out of all the things to do in Manali, shopping in the Mall, the very famous local market of this town, is definitely one of them. Go around, buy the local stuff, try the different things on offer and bargain for sure!

Visiting Temples- Monasteries: Visiting Manali and Kullu but not going to monasteries or temples? The trip can never complete. Out of all the ‘things to do in Kullu Manali’ visiting temples and monasteries is definitely a priority.

What to pack for a honeymoon in Manali:

Ready for your honeymoon trip to Manali? Then let’s pack! Depending on the time one is leaving one can pack things accordingly. 

During winters, keeping woollens are a must as temperature falls below zero degree Celsius. Even in summers, one can carry comfortable clothes that keep one warm as the summers here are cooler than what we experience in the cities. Apart from this, keeping medicines are a must as there are a number of activities one can indulge in and due to high altitudes some people may feel nauseous. The food here are good and one can find it according to their tastes, so carrying foods is not necessary.So the specifications are done. Now all that remains to be done is finding the right hotel and checking in! Come and forget yourself in the lap of Nature!

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