There’s nothing like Indian Hospitality. Be it the warmth and affection we serve our guests with, or going out of the way to please them, it’s just so inherent when we have guests at home. We Indians believe in the philosophy of “Atithi Devo Bhava”- which means “The Guest is God”. However, when we are out for a holiday with family or friends, we do miss this sense of “personal connect” when we opt to stay in hotels.

                                         “Hospitality knows no gender or race” – Danny Meyer.

Which is better Hotel or Homestay?

Of course, some high-end hotels and luxury resorts cater to all our needs and pamper us with all the amenities. We do have big brand players in the hospitality industry but then one needs the fortune to spend on such a luxury. Not all of us are born with a silver spoon. Even if we were to spend that much, not every time will you feel the “personal connect”?

The good news is that we have a growing popularity of options available for budget homestays in India. Which not only gives you an affordable option to stay in the midst of natural surroundings but also offer you a sense of “personal connect” which you miss at times. What better than a place which actually justifies the caption “A home away from home”, instead of just being cliche in the marketing campaigns of hotels.

“Homestay is all about experiencing, sharing lifestyle, by sharing meals and by sharing diversity” –

It is not long since I was introduced to the concept of homestays – Happened just a year back!!!
It occurred as a side effect of not being able to find rooms in any decent hotels at one of the tourist destinations. It was then when we decided to opt for a homestay !!!

And I consider myself fortunate that I was unfortunate that day to find a room in our chosen hotel. That first homestay experience which turned out to be so pleasant for me. And that has compelled me to opt for a homestay instead of a hotel in places where natural beauty is in abundance. This choice has never disappointed me so far.

Do you know where to find Homestays in India?

Check the good website to find homestays, Funstay.

From my own personal experience, I would like to cite a few reasons why one should opt for a homestay instead of a hotel.

1) Affordable Homestays

There are a variety of homestays available nowadays. These homestays are real “value for money”. You can opt for a stay that suits your pocket. These days homestays are well equipped with amenities just like hotels.

Nature vista - Homestay accomodation

So you can still enjoy rooms equipped with clean linens, basic toiletries, neat and well-maintained bathrooms. Some homestays even offer electric kettle and AC in the rooms. For those who are solo travelers or for those traveling in a group, the dormitory is also offered in some homestays.

Check out the Top 96 Homestays in Coorg.

Check the 21 Ooty homestays with all basic amenities.

2) Home Cooked Food

Nothing better than a home cooked meal and the comfort of having it at “home”. The hosts of the homestay are usually kind enough and even ask for the meal preference of their guests.

Home coked food

They don’t even mind preparing tea/coffee for you with homemade snacks in the evening. The local food prepared at home with authentic herbs and spices is enough to tickle your taste buds.

3) Personal Connect

Usually, there are only a couple of room and/or a dormitory in a homestay. So hosts are easily able to mingle with their guests and take care of them in the best possible way. They will ensure that you have a pleasant stay and tour of nearby surroundings.

I felt the sense of “personal connect” when we were offered umbrellas, sheets to spreads, food to take along with us when we went on a trek nearby, by the owners themselves. These little things definitely add to the hospitality and concern towards guests.

4) Characteristic and Distinctive Accommodations with lots of open spaces

Such homestays are located in the midst of natural beauty. They may be located in or surrounded by nature-tea plantation, coffee plantation, misty hills, river view outside windows and such. One can get a flavor of staying in antique houses, traditional heritage bungalows, and even plantations and even homes situated on banks of rivers.

Cottage in plantation stay

5) Best people to advise on your travel itinerary

The hosts at the homestay are the best people to guide and advise you on your travel itinerary. Be it related to everyday weather, the best eateries around, and almost best of everything that the place can offer. You won’t have to struggle for the network to google about places of interest to visit or to read multiple reviews about shops or places of tourist attraction, stuff to shop and so on.

Just try to spend some peaceful moments without these electronic gadgets. Your google is just there with you-your hosts!!!

To book Homestays, contact 8287039039 or [email protected]

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