The party town, Goa has some surprises hidden underneath its sleeves for all the character lovers!! Except for the thronged beaches, nature has blessed Goa with some serene bits of paradise, that return as a surprise package for the tourer. One such heaven is “Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary”, one of the best places to visit in North Goa other than beaches. So, it is now possible to spend peaceful time in nature’s lap as you manage to relax in the “Tourist paradise” as we already know of it!

Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary - north goa tourist places

Spread across 208 sq kilometer, Mhadei life Sanctuary could be a protected space placed regarding fifty two-kilometer faraway from Panaji, the capital of the province. This biodiversity spot is being elevated to a Project, Tiger Reserve which might probably be one of the good news for a nature enthusiast who would otherwise have to travel to a length to spot the mighty Tiger.

Mhadei wildlife sanctuary - places to visit in goa other than beaches

The driving route to the sanctuary from Panaji passes through hills, valleys and waterfalls which provides an ideal scenic begin to the journey. The sanctuary is linked to the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary and together the other two reserves cover an area of about 420 sq km.

Trekking spots near North Goa:

The three highest peaks in Goa – Sorsogon at an elevation of 3369 ft, Talache Sada at an elevation of 2664 ft and Vageri at an elevation of 2378 ft – are located in the hill ranges within the sanctuary. Which is why it is soon becoming the new favorite trekker’s paradise in and around Goa, a perfect blend of hills, waterfalls, and valleys explores the adventurous streaks of all visitors.

Twin Waterfall – Best place to visit in North Goa:

A notable attraction of the sanctuary is that the twin waterfalls of Vazra Sakla.

The water drops from a height of 469 linear unit and therefore the gushing sounds of the water welcome you once the falls isn’t even seeable. Another fashionable north Goa tourist spot is that the Virdi Falls within the Choral staircase region. It acts as a huge catchment area for the river.

places to see in north goa other than beaches - twin waterfall

Not only is the scenery spectacular, but it is the rainy season when the Mhadei river comes into its own as the site of exciting white water rafting tours. The Mhadei River has also an option of white water river rafting tours.

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Mhadei sanctuary in Goa – The Mighty Tigers Home:

In 2011, Ministry of Environment and Forests noted that the forest areas of Goa and their contiguous ranges in Karnataka and Maharashtra are possibly some of the best tiger habitats in the Western Ghats and are in need of protection. The same year, a map showing the locations of many tiger sightings in and close to Mhadei life sanctuary was spotted by the Vivekanand setting Awareness Brigade (VEAB) at Keri. There is no wonder that this majestic animal considered Mhadei sanctuary as his adobe.

Tiger in Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary

The mighty Tiger rest’s in its natural surroundings in the sanctuary.

A number of animals can be seen within the sanctuary. The animals that you can commonly expect to see especially if you have a guide who can show you the best places are;

  • Indian gaur.
  • Barking deer.
  • Sambar deer.
  • Asian Palm Civet.
  • Small Indian Civet.
  • Wild boar.
  • Indian hair.
  • Ruddy Mongoose.
  • Black-faced langur.
  • Bonnet macaque.

It has been declared an International Bird Area because of the presence of the Nilgiri wood-pigeon, Malabar Parakeet, Malabar grey hornbill, Grey-headed Bulbul, Rufous Babbler, White-bellied blue-flycatcher and Crimson-backed Sunbird.

The famous Crimson-backed sunbird spotted in Mhadei wildlife sanctuary.

In Mhadei sanctuary, visitors can find more than a thousand species of plants and a vast variety of endemic orchids. The sanctuary is a huge attraction for herpetologists since it contains a large variety of snakes including all of the big four of Indian venomous snakes which are Indian krait, Russell’s viper, Saw-scaled viper and Spectacled Cobra.

Like most of the opposite sanctuaries in the state, the Mhadei sanctuary too provides rest homes and personal resorts to visitors. Tourers can also go for treks and hikes inside the sanctuary. Best time to visit is from the month of Gregorian calendar month until March, the monsoons also are an excellent time of year to go to.

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