We all travel around places and create some memories but the first foreign trip carries a different kind of aura with it. Be it a solo trip or a one with your family, the first overseas trip is memorable for many reasons. From checking the list the last time to waiting in the airport anxiously for the airplane, there are times when the first international trip excites us as much as it scares us. Once we reach the place, everything seems perfectly fine but there are some points which one should not forget. So here’s a list providing some tips for traveling abroad the first time.

Foreign Tour: Best 8 Travel Tips

Collect all the documents

First things first. Check that all the essential documents are ready with you or not.

Passport is the most important and check for its validity and keep it up to date. Make sure there is a good number of pages left in your passport for the visa stamp.

Next, go through the guidelines regarding the travel visas offered to the tourists. Be updated with the information, so that you do not waste the precious travel time on assembling your stuff.

foreign trip - documents to collect

After all, these, move on to other important kinds of stuff like flight tickets and hotel confirmation receipts, if any. Make sure to have a travel map or guide book with you, as it may help in times of need.

For emergencies, you can carry your medical prescriptions as well.

When going on your overseas trip, one of the most common international travel tips offered is regarding your travel insurance and it is very important. So make sure you have one ready. Have the original and a copy on your phone as well.

Where to stay put?

After the big task of deciding where to have your first international trip, the next most important point is the place to stay. If it is your first time flying internationally alone, book a place of your convenience. Make sure it is near the city and offers all the facilities. Hotels are always available but when looking for a budget stay, staying at a hostel is also an option.

first time trip to foreign - where to stay

Embassy registration is important!

If it is your first international trip, you may be hearing this for the first time but letting the embassy known about your travel plans may act helpful to you unexpectedly. This can be one of the most helpful travel tips for first-time international travelers as in case of need and emergencies; they can be the most trusted resort.

At the click of the button

Yes, you have guessed it right! From A to Z, there are apps to help you out chalk out your whole travel plan. From maps to top tourist destinations to visit and places where one can get delicious food, just type and there will be a list of places to suit everyone’s needs.

travel apps
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Travel more to learn more

Before landing on the coveted destination, it is advisable to learn a few common phrases of the common language. Common greeting and useful phrases can make one enjoy the place like a local. Learning the local language of the place is considered a polite activity and many prefer this as one of the most important things to do before traveling abroad.

foreign trip - met the locals
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Light is better

Whether it is your first international trip, packing light is always helpful. Not only do you spend less time in the bag checking process but you can also roam around more freely than if you have two bags to carry.

what to pack on your first foreign tour

Miscellaneous Necessities

Apart from the list of important documents, there are a lot many important goods one must ensure they carry with themselves. For travel purposes- chargers, camera (of course!), head- and ear-phones, power banks (definitely), USB Chord.

things to carry on your first foreign trip

For safety purposes- the first aid kit should always be there. They must on all international travel tips is checking the weather conditions of the respective country and carrying the essentials as necessary. Insect repellent, skin cream, and eye mask add up to the list as well.

Ready to board! Are you?

Is your travel pillow still lying there in your room?

Did you prepare the basic daily needs to be kept in your handbag?

Are you carrying an extra set of sanitary napkins for emergencies in your bag?

There are many packing tips for international flights filled on the internet. These small things are what make the last moment packing very necessary. You even have to make sure about the number of baggage you are carrying as many countries do not allow more than three.

When at the airport, have all the documents ready and in hand. When you reach a different destination, you even have to exchange the currencies with the currency of the country, so get hold of that. Many airports, now a day, have a foreign exchange facility on the premises itself. If it is your foreign trip then these first international flight tips can act helpful.


Where should I travel for the first international trip?

Since it is your first overseas trip, it will be best to start with a limited budget. In this respect, there are a number of places which are cheap (in price!) and near to India as well. If going with family, the best destination to zero on is Sri Lanka.

If you have your gang of friends and are planning your first international trip together, then the ultimate answer is Bali. For a solo foreign trip, the best place is Japan. If it is your first time flying internationally alone, then this place is the best answer.

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How do I organize my international trip?

From packing tips for international flights to things to do before traveling abroad, we look up for a lot of things before we actually decide on the place for the overseas trips. From start to end, one just needs to organize their stuff in a systematic manner.

First, choosing the ideal place according to the budget is obvious. After this comes the selecting of accommodation and booking the flight. Packing the necessary stuff and carrying the required documents is what follows next. Apart from these, the above-mentioned points can also help in last-minute preparation.

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