When thinking of the word ‘Dubai’, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is money, luxury, and nightlife, and Dubai does stand on these expectations but it is not all that Dubai is made up of. The largest city of UAE is a storehouse of surprises and records (hell yes!) which will leave all those who visit this city speechless. So here’s presenting the top 10 crazy Dubai world records!

#1 Dubai World Record – World’s Longest Handmade Gold Chain:

Have a shocked reaction when reading this? Don’t worry that is normal because Dubai has achieved an insane feat by making the Guinness world record of the longest handmade gold chain in the world.

Dubai World Record - World’s Longest Handmade Gold Chain

The ‘Dubai Celebration Chain’, a 5.522 km gold chain took over 45 days to produce and employed 100 talented craftsmen. It weighs 256 kg and was made to mark the 20th anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival in 2015. It was unveiled at the Deira Gold Souk bus station and later sold to the customer in pieces.

#2 World Record Of Dubai – Leaning Tower Of Abu Dhabi

‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ may be one of the Seven Wonders of the World but with the ‘Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi’, Dubai has inserted yet another feather of world records in its hat.

World Record Of Dubai -  Leaning Tower Of Abu Dhabi

At 160m, the Abu Dhabi skyscraper, Capital Gate is also the tallest building of Dubai. The building leans 18 degrees to the west and offers a great view.

#3 Dubai Guinness Record – Biggest Picture Frame

The Dubai Frame as it is more commonly known is a 150m rectangular figure which is also a famous tourist spot now. It is located in Zabeel Park with an entry fee of $14 approx.

Dubai Guinness Record - Biggest Picture Frame
Image Credit: archdaily.com

Viewers can even get a panoramic view of the city from its 93m long viewing bridge. On the ground floor, there is a museum which gives an insight into the transformation of Dubai from a no man’s land to the richest and most populated city of UAE.

#4 Dubai’s Guinness World Record – Largest Flower Arrangement

It is quite ironic that Dubai, which was once a desert now houses the world’s largest natural garden, Dubai Miracle Garden. In here, one can find another one of the crazy Dubai world records.

Dubai's Guinness World Record - Largest Flower Arrangement
Image Credit: akarlandscaping.com

In 2016, the flower installation, a life-size model of Emirates A380 Airbus with its moving engine turbines which was made out of five million flowers, made way into the Guinness world record. It measures 72.95 by 78.34 by 21.98m.

#5 Guinness Record Of Dubai (2012) – Largest Vertical Maze

Everyone has solved maze on the back of their exercise book but how about solving one in the backdrop of a building? Confused? Dubai has the answer.

Guinness Record Dubai 2012 - Largest Vertical Maze

Maze Tower, a 55 story building on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai has the largest vertical maze of the world. It was completed in 2012 and has four other features as well- the Maze Eye, an eight-meter circular video wall and LED lights built on the exterior, which displays various patterns and colors. Tranquil garden floor and rooftop maze pattern garden are also there.

#6 Guinness Record Of Dubai – Tallest Chocolate Sculpture

Everyone knows about Burj Khalifa and how iconic the building is taken to be but what next? What has Dubai done to make sure people never forget about these exceptional records it makes? It makes another record for it!

Guinness World Record Dubai - Tallest Chocolate Sculpture
Image credit: cateremiddleeast.com

To commemorate UAE’s 43rd National Day, a 13.52m tall replica of Burj Khalifa was made out of Belgian chocolate ONLY. A total of 5200 kg and 10000 hand-cut pieces of the chocolate was used. It was erected inside the Dubai International Airport on 27th November 2014.

#7 Dubai World Record – Most Expensive Headwear

What is the maximum amount you can spend on a headwear? If still thinking, can you pay anything more than $65, 45,950? If shocked then don’t be because this has already taken place in history.

In November 2015, the most expensive headwear was sold at an auction in UAE at an event organized by Al Jalila Foundation. It was for a helmet which was originally used by H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE vice president, prime minister, and ruler of Dubai.

#8 World Record Of Dubai – Most Different Desserts On Display

This one is definitely a foodie’s delight and especially for them who have a sweet tooth. Dubai world records are incomplete without the inclusion of this. Dubai has achieved what everyone dreams of when they were young, to have a world full of desserts. They could not turn the whole world into dessert but they had displayed more than 2000 desserts in one go.

World Record Of Dubai - Most Different Desserts On Display

On 13 February 2009, the most different desserts on display were achieved at the Dubai Shopping Festival. A total of 2232 different desserts from across 30 countries was prepared for this occasion.

#9 Dubai Guinness Record – Largest Cup of Hot Tea

It has a capacity of 5000 liters and is 3.66m high and 1.42m in diameter. The tea in this unusually large cup is maintained at 85 degrees.

Dubai Guinness Record - Largest Cup of Hot Tea
credit: emirates247.com

This is another hilarious world record achieved by the luxurious city of Dubai. This record was achieved in January 2018 by the Global Village Dubai.

#10 Dubai World Record – Fastest game of Operation

If you think it is easy then try beating this! In November 2008, Dubai witnessed another world record being set, this time for a game.

It took just 21.87 seconds for Maharoof Decibels (India) to complete the game of Operation at the Guinness World Records Pavilion, Global Village Dubai.

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