Neatly tucked between the coffee estates, resting peacefully on the beautiful and scenic lands of Coorg, where the forests are dense and the aroma wild, you come face to face with this tiny little best homestay in Coorg called the Deepwoodz Homestay.

Deepwoodz -best coorg homestay for couples

A particular section of the Deepwoodz Homestay, with a neatly maintained surrounding

Good Bye to City traffic:

The only thing connecting it to the crazy metro life is a small muddy trail that starts from the road and leads you till your destination, a different world altogether. In Deepwoodz, the honking of cars is replaced by the chirping of birds, the constant commotion of the night is replaced by the sound of a whistling breeze echoing in the forest, the view of skyscrapers and high rise buildings is replaced by tall trees and a carpet green background.

The owner and the soul of the place is Mr. Harish, a smiling and helpful man who has helped keep the essence of Coorg well intact in every corner of Deepwoodz. The small and efficient group of staff has also adapted to Mr. Harish goal of making Deepwoodz a one of a kind homestay in siddapur with their helpful nature, providing the travelers with necessary facilities and steaming hot home-cooked meals.

Deepwoodz - experiential homestay in coorg

A spare dining outside of the rooms with a spectacular view of the forest behind.

Deepwoodz – Home away from home:

Travelers who visit Deepwoodz have more than often been tempted to come back to this homestay which they say feels like a home away from away. The connection you make with this place, with the people and the bond with nature which we often forget to acknowledge come back to life every time you stop to remember the moments spent in Deepwoodz.

Deep woodz coorg home stay

The actual Deepwoods!!  View on a walk through the forest


  • 24 hours security.
  • Parking space.
  • Well-maintained rooms.
  • Comfortable access to a garden and a forest waiting to be explored.

Deep woodz Coorg stay, even when isolated from the civilization, has maintained a certain trait of being an efficient host, providing for everything that a traveler wants. An awesome Coorg homestay for couples to plan a honeymoon.

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Best way to reach Deepwoodz:

Some useful tips to keep in mind would be that Coorg is closer to Mangalore rather than Bangalore and if you are traveling from outside of Karnataka it’s better to reach Mangalore and then go ahead to Coorg. If you are traveling inside the state then it’s merely a 5-6 hour drive from Bangalore, it is advised to reach Madikeri early and enjoy the hour-long drive of the gradually changing scenes and the forest become more tightly packed as you move forward.

Deepwoodz plantation stay

A typical road of the region, with deep bushes and plantations on both sides

Coffee tour in Deepwoodz:

Located in a scenic coffee plantation, the visitors can also witness and experience coffee processing during their stay here. Its exciting range of activities like indoor games, coffee curing tour and others will keep you immersed in excitement.

Deepwoodz stay

Deepwoodz coffee plantation estate

A beautiful experience starts as you reach verdure homestay, from the freshly made corgi cuisine breakfast to the managed treks.

In fact, there are two units of Deepwoodz plantation homestay in Coorg. One in Arecad and other in Ammathi. Both the properties are plantation and estate stay. You can easily get spices such as pepper and cardamom at a very cheap rate. Rooms are designed to give to give a private feeling. Each room has a private open space which can be used to relaxing as well as having food.

Well, I don’t think the god of happiness could be any more rewarding than this!!!

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Rajat · January 19, 2020 at 6:19 am

Hey, had a good stay and experience here. worth visting

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