It all started in the year 2019 in the fastest growing economy of the world, China and now its spread is so fast that it has captured nearly half of the countries of the world and is scaring the hell out of everyone. People fear to leave their homes, all planes made for vacations is now being canceled thanks to the novel coronavirus. India seemed least affected only until last week when it set it to foot in the subcontinent, sending chills down every spine. Places to visit in India or broadly the travel industry is affected harshly due to this but if you have planned your trip to these places then you can go there, with confidence!

Tourist places to visit in India


One of the top places to visit in India, Kolkata is safe, as of now in terms of no confirmed cases of the virus been reported. There were many who were suspected of the coronavirus but nothing is confirmed.

places to visit in india unaffected by corona visrus


  • Marble Palace.
  • Victoria Memorial.
  • Howrah Bridge.
  • Princep Ghat.


A small state in northeast India, Sikkim is a great choice for vacation places in India and more so at a time like this as no positive cases have been reported. Being a famous tourist spot in general, there are a number of attractions to be found here.

vacation place in india -


  • Lachung.
  • Yumthang.
  • Pelling.


A great historical and heritage place to visit, Hampi offers a variety when it comes to sightseeing. It is one of the top places to visit in South India and attracts tourists from all around. As of now, no confirmed cases of infected persons have been reported.

hampi - place to visit in sout india


  • Virupaksha Temple.
  • Hemakuta Hill Temple.
  • Achyutaraya Temple.


A hill town in southern India, it is famous for its beauty and picturesque location. Out of all tourist places in India, south India attracts a lot of people and also have great accommodation.

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coorg - unaffected by novel corona virus


  • Raja’s Seat.
  • Madikeri Fort.
  • Abbey Falls.


A sweet and simple destination for a vacation, Gokarn is a famous pilgrimage site as well as offers some soothing relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

 pilgrimage spot to visit - india


  • Om Beach.
  • Sri Mahabaleshwara Swamy Temple.
  • Half Moon Beach.


If one has decided on visiting South India for a vacation and dropping off at Belur, then the first thing that one will encounter is a screening test at the airport. One of the best tourist places in south India, Belur is a fine example of the architecture of the bygone era.    

best tourist places in south India - belur


  • Belur Sri Chennakeshava Temple.
  • Hoysala Emblem.
  • Paathaaleshwara Temple.


A small town in the Darjeeling district, Mirik is a quiet place known for its environment and easy accessibility. Filled with lakes and gardens on either side, it is one of the coolest vacation places in India.

mirik - coolest vacation places in India


  • Sumendu Lake.
  • Don Bosco Church.                                    
  •   Tingling View Point.                                   


If deciding on places to visit in India but are feeling unsure regarding the coronavirus scare? There is one answer to that—West Bengal- the only state to have zero cases of coronavirus to date. Beautiful, soothing and easily approachable, Kurseong is one of the best places to visit in India.                                    

 best places to visit in India - Kurseong


  • Dowhill Road.
  • Eagle’s Crag.                                    
  •   Museums                                    


Known famously worldwide, as the home of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Santiniketan is a great hub of education and handicrafts. If planning to visit this picturesque place then you can do that now because the Holi celebrations are quite a thing not to miss!                          


  • Rabindra Bhavana.
  • Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Uttarayana.


A small city in the eastern region of India in the state of Jharkhand, Hazaribagh is famous for its parks and lakes. Unique in its own way, one can have a good relaxation time here while enjoying the weekend.                               

Hazaribagh - tourist place in india


  • Hazaribagh Jheel.
  • Canary Hill.
  • Nirmal Mahto Park.


A sacred site for the Hindus, Deoghar houses some of the most important religious monuments and temples. It is a holy city and attracts devotees from all around.



  • Baba Baidyanath Dham Temple.
  • Tapovan Hill.
  • Shiv Ganga Pool.                                                                


A famous hill station of the state, Netarhat is also known as the “Queen of Chotanagpur”. Like the other hill stations, the view here is beautiful and also offers other facilities.       


  • Koel View Point.
  • Ghaghra Falls.
  • Sunset and Sunrise Point.


What are the coronavirus symptoms?                         

Respiratory symptoms such as- cough, fever, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

How to protect yourself while traveling?

  • Keep your hands clean and do not touch your face, eyes without washing hands
  • Maintain a healthy distance- at least 3 feet from someone who is coughing or sneezing
  • Respiratory hygiene- follow as well as advice on covering your mouth while coughing or sneezing
  • Medical aid- if feeling uneasy or doubt the symptoms, see a doctor immediately

Medicines to carry while traveling?          

It will be best advised to visit a doctor before packing your bags so that one can feel reassured. Also getting medicines prescribed by the physician will be the best to do rather than trusting forwarded messages or through the internet.           

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