Mystical land, magical people, Mighty mountains and everything in between! Oh, Ladakh. It’s an experience and according to your preference, YOU get to decide the best time to visit Ladakh. Because there is something for everybody In Ladakh throughout the year. So, let’s fix up that long pending Ladakh trip for you, shall we?

So as you know visiting Ladakh mainly depends on the weather in Leh-Ladakh. Apart from that it also depends on whether you are interested in adventurous activities or a bike trip, walking in the snow or need a clear sky for your photography project. Too many things to choose from isn’t it? Let us simplify it for you –

Here is a list of what all can you do in which all months, broken down in detail. You are welcome!

December – January – February – March

If you are a cryophilic and like snow touching your face while walking then this is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh. These are the coldest months in Ladakh with biting cold temperatures. The entire place turns into a magical white wonderland. Some places also get completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Weather in Leh-Ladakh in December – January – February – March

The temperature is somewhere around maximum 6° C, minimum -11° C during these months. Especially Leh temperature in December doesn’t go beyond 2° C.  So stuff your bags with a lot of winter clothes and warmers.

Ladakh in January

How to get there?

In Ladakh, most of the roads and highways remain closed during these months.  So our suggestion will be to book a flight to Leh and enjoy the snow-capped Ladakh’s aerial view. Leh-Ladakh airport remains open throughout the season except for high snowfalls and extremely bad weather conditions.

Tourist friendly –

Even though Ladakhi people are extremely friendly and welcome the tourists with all their hearts, December to February aren’t very tourist friendly months due to some practical difficulties. Most of the roads are blocked, there is a visible problem of water, electricity cuts and the places becomes isolated from the rest of the world. On the other hand, if you don’t like crowds, Ladakh will feel like a dream during these months.

Things to do In Ladakh in December – January – February – March

1. Enjoy the local festivals –

As most of the Leh tourist places are covered with heavy snowfall, that leaves us with limited choices for things to do, but still, this is the best time to enjoy the festivities as a number of festivals (like Thiksey, Padum, Losar and Golden Namchot) take place in the coldest months in Ladakh.

Festivals in Leh Ladakh

2. Camping –

Most of the lakes are frozen during that time, so interested people can enjoy camping activities near the lakes during these months.

Leh Caming in January

3. Trekking –

Around mid-January, the very famous Chadar trek opens up for nature lovers to enjoy the real beauty of Ladakh. You can also enjoy the snow leopard trek during this time.

Chardar trek in Leh Ladakh

4. Monastery festivals –

Around Mid Jan to Feb, there are many monastery festivals take place. It’s an excellent way to know the Ladakhi local culture and their traditions.

Budget –

Since it’s not a tourist season and many of the facilities can not be provided because of the temperature in Leh-Ladakh, the overall budget of yours goes down (Obviously you will be spending more on warm clothes, shoes, and warmer rooms instead, but that’s a different story) A 7-8 days trip to Ladakh during winters will cost you something around 20 – 25K per person.

Food and drinks –

Fewer restaurants remain open during these months. It’s advisable to have your breakfast and dinner in a homestay that you are staying. The temperatures can be really darning during mornings and after dark. Eat food that will help you in staying warm and active during this time Like cheese and hot soups etc.  

Medication and hospitals –

Even though visiting Ladakh in December is an adventure, make sure you are taking care of your health well. Altitude mountain sickness is extremely common during winters so it’s advisable to acclimate yourself in Leh for 2-3 days first before going to any trek or to explore new places. Don’t forget to carry all your medicines and n Oxygen cylinder while you travel.

Ladakh In April

If you want to witness the magic of changing landscapes, April is the month for you to visit Ladakh. Except for the mountain tops, all the other trees, roads, monasteries other snow-covered things have dusted off the snow and ready to flaunt the sunny beauty of Ladakh. The prayer flags start shining, more hotels and homestays start functioning properly and roads open their arms for the bikers to experience the adventure of their lives.

Weather in Leh-Ladakh in April –

In April, the extreme cold temperature starts to disappear. It remains around 6°C during the day which can go up to 12°C towards the end of April but at night it can still go up to -5°C.

How to reach there?

Yes, finally we get to say it. Bike trips in Leh during April is a possibility. With the clear roads and tolerable temperatures attract many bikers to take their adventurous bike trip in Leh Ladakh. In fact, as the peak season hits in May, many bikers prefer to ride a bike in Ladakh in April. But how about road trips to Ladakh? Yes. Many people also go for road trips like Manali to Ladakh or Delhi to Ladakh during this season. You can also easily visit Ladakh by taking a flight.

Tourist friendly –

April is the time where people start planning a Ladakh tour for the peak season. But if you want to experience a small snowfall here and there and also ride on the Ladakh roads, go with April. It’s just the beginning of the season and usually not that crowded. It starts to get crowded towards the end of April.

Things to do in Leh Ladakh during April –

  1. Leh Ladakh bike trip

Though we already covered it, we can’t stress enough on this. This is one of the best months for you to take a bike trip to Ladakh. Clear welcoming roads, pleasant temperatures, and challenging roads are just some of the reasons we can think of.

Leh Ladakh Bike trip in April

2. Trekking –

Trekking in Ladakh in the month of April can be thrilling. The mountains tops are still covered with snow but the rest of it is trekking friendly. You can also witness the wild-life in Ladakh during these treks. The Tibetan wild ass, snow leopard, yak and migrating birds like the golden eagle being just a few of them.

Ladakh trekking in April

3. Visit the famous Pangong Tso lake –

One of Ladakh’s best places to visit is this magical lake. It is situated at a height of about 4,350 m and 134 km long. The changing colors of the lake are the main reason for people to visit it. The colors change to the different shades of blue, green and an unusual red and it’s spectacular. Keep your cameras ready because you will be clicking some of the best pictures of your lives here.

Pangong Tso

Budget –

Now, this is a beauty of Ladakh. As the roads are open and there are more places to visit in Ladakh in the month of April, doesn’t necessarily mean the prices go high. Depending on the way you choose to travel, your budget will keep changing. It might not be as cheap as the winter season but not very expensive as well. A 7-8 day trip will cost you approximately –

Food and drinks –

The local specialty of Ladakh is momos, Thukpa and butter tea. You can experience all this and more in the month of April. As more and more hotels and homestays open up, you can taste the local Ladakh cuisine in the most authentic way.

Leh's Butter tea

May – June – July – August

These months showcase the best of Ladakh and therefore they are extremely busy months for Ladakh. Many people plan their summer holidays during this time. This is the peak season to visit Ladakh and for the right reasons.

Weather in Ladakh in May – June –  July – August

It’s that time of the year where the snow disappears and Ladakh shows its sunny side up. During mornings, it’s 16°C and pleasant which in the month of June can also be around 22°C. But nights can still be cold and go down up to 7°C.

Leh Ladakh in June

How to get there?

As the roads are in its tip-top shape, you have a wide choice to decide how to want to reach Ladakh. Take a road trip from Delhi or Shimla to Leh or just land directly on the Leh-Ladakh airport.

Tourist friendly –

Leh-Ladakh is exploding with homestays, hotels, hostels etc during the season. You can choose where to stay and experience Ladakh from a number of choices. Ladakhi people are already famous for their hospitality. And during the peak season, they are always on their toes to take care of every need of yours.

Things to do in Ladakh in May – June –  July – August

1. Khardung La Ride –

If you are a biker, then you already know this is straight out of your bucket list. Scaling the mountain pass at 17582 feet, it’s the highest motorable road in the WORLD, who wouldn’t like to go here? And this is the best season to do it. The roads are clean, weather is soothing and you have a chance to conquer one of the biggest adventures of your life.

Khardungla pass, Leh Ladakh

2. Star gazing –

If you adore the night sky full of stars, then you are in for a treat.  During this time, Ladakh has some magical sights to witness the night sky views like Pangong Tso. Yes. even though it’s more famous amongst trekkers, at night, this place becomes a hub to watch the beautiful night sky.

star gazing in Leh Ladakh

Milky ways, millions of stars and a moon view like never before. They also have an astronomy observatory. Don’t forget to pack up your cameras, lenses and binoculars.

Check out the 21 Things to do in Leh Ladakh trip.

3. Experience Saka Dawa Festival –

Saka Dawa is one of bets festivals in Ladakh and it does on for the entire month of May. This festival celebrates the goodness of the lord and Ladakhi people try to implement it in their day to day lives. They don’t prefer to eat non-veg food during this time. Also, butter lamps are lit, animals are set free and monasteries take donations.

Saka Dawa Festival, Leh Ladakh

Budget –

If you have visited Ladakh in other months, you will find this season to be expensive. Although there are cheaper homestays, the cost of food, travel, everything becomes expensive. The total cost of the trip in this season will cost you around –

Food and drinks –

You will get to experience the best specialties that Ladakh has to offer. Ladakh has some amazing specialties which can take your taste buds on an exciting ride. Food is one of their ways of being warm, so their food is mostly full of protein and gives them the strength to survive their harsh winters. They consume yak cheese which is the local specialty. Apart from that Apricot Jam, Butter Tea and Thukpa are some of their specialties.

Ladakh In September –

Even though there is not much to do in Ladakh during the monsoons, September is considered a good month according to the locals. Before the arrival of the harsh weather in the coming months, September gives a breather and you should totally take advantage of it.

Weather in September –

You can take a road trip during this time as the monsoons are long gone but the greenery is still there. You will visit green Ladakh which is definitely would be a lovely site.

Leh Ladakh in Spetember

You can do almost all the activities that you would do in earlier months. Even the transport and other facilities are almost the same.

Special things to look out for-

1. River rafting –

River rafting in Ladakh is something Even though, July to September is considered as the best time for rafting, September is more practically possible. The monsoon goes away before September and the rivers start to freeze towards the end of October. There are a few river routes that are famous for river rafting in Ladakh.

1.1 Phey – Saspol:

This rafting route starts from Phey and is located about 8kms in the South of Leh.

River Rafting in Leh Ladakh

1.2 Kharu-Spituk:

This route of river rafting starts from Kharu. It is located about 45 km in the East of Leh and ends at Spituk.

2. Bike trips –

If you are an adventure junkie, Ladakh on a bike in September is a dream, isn’t it? With no danger of rains, September is one of the best months to plan a bike trip in Ladakh. The roads are so beautiful that if you are a content creator, you would feel like stopping at every turn and corner.

Leh Ladakh bike trip

But a few suggestions – Carry all your winter wear and proper riding gears. Also, make sure you take the bike out only once the sun is up.

3. Ladakh festival –

This festival is held in September and the locals wear their traditional ladakhi attire. All of them dance, organize a feast and celebrate their unique culture.

October and November –

Last week of September is when the temperature starts to drop in Ladakh. October and November are one of the coldest months. But nonetheless, Ladakh in autumn is just breathtaking.

Leh Ladakh in October

A couple of things to look out for in these months –

1. Festivals –

The locals celebrate a number of festivals in these months.

Deskit Gustor Festival and Thiksey Gustor Festival are celebrated this month. You can join them in the festivities.

2. Photography –

With green land turning into white, the landscape is just picturesque. If you are interested in photography then you must visit Ladakh during these months.  

So, which season is most preferred by you? FunStay has a perfect itinerary for you to visit Ladakh. Check it out here.

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