This 2019 Valentine’s Day, is it going to be the same chocolates and the roses or is it going to be something the other person would always remember? Get out and travel with them, see the beauty of the world and experience how amazing things are when you have the right companion on your side. Let’s start with the best destinations in India for celebrating valentine’s day…

Best Valentine’s Day Weekend getaways from Bangalore:


What’s a romantic Valentine’s Day trip without warm sunrays on the beach, long walks after sunset and the classic bonfire scenario? Rapidly gaining popularity is the holy beach town of Gokarna. It’s yet to be discovered by half of the civilization and hence is untouched, unspoiled, calm and beautiful.

gokarna - best valentine's weekend getaway spot

Winters are not among the best times to visit Gokarna however the temperature would be bearable at this point in time.

What to do on Valentine day at Gokarna?

Cuddling up with the special one, looking at the vast blue sea lying in front and the moonlit sky above. A near perfect setting to make your Valentine day, a memorable one.

Distance: 517.9 km.
Time to reach: Approximately 9 hours.
How to reach: Take a direct bus to Gokarna.


Silent and serene hills, with a lot of easy walking and a lot of places to cover. The misty mornings and the local coffee plantation tour, cozy homestays and the beautiful landscape of the hills carpeted all around will give you both some quality time in nature’s lap.

romantic valentine's day weekend - chikmagalur

Romantic adventure things to do:

Chikmagalur has a variety of other things to do while in the area, there is rafting, there are a number of falls, there are trekking trails and coffee plantation visits which makes this place more desirable.

Distance: 242.8 Kms.
Time to reach: approximately 5 hours.
How to reach: Take a direct bus or a car till Chickmagaluru, If taking a train get down at the nearest railway station – Kadur and take a taxi from there.

Where to Stay: Tent stays in Chikmagalur.


Anybody for adventure and safaris? If yes, then this is for you. Staying in wooden houses and waking up to your backyard looking like a remote world in it. Masinagudi, one of the best spot for planning a valentine’s day trip from Bangalore.

masinagudi - romantic valentine's getaways

Celebrate a valentine day like never before, ditch the clutch dates and gifts, go sit in the balcony of your jungle hut and see animals in their natural habitats. Return home with wild memories and not just a smiling picture.

Distance: 224.7 Kms.
Time to reach: Approximately 5 hours.
How to reach: Take a direct bus or taxi from anywhere in Bangalore.
Where to Stay: Click here.

Romantic Valentine’s day getaways in Mumbai:


 The cute little favorite hill station everybody has been on a thousand times? But our lovebirds just can’t miss it. A simple stroll in this chilly weather with your loved one is just awesome. There are caves, falls, forts and I am pretty sure not all of them have been visited by all of us. Hike to higher points which are less crowded and enjoy the company of each other away from the crowd.

khandala - best places to go on valentine day

Distance: 78 km.
Time to reach: 1hour 30 minutes.
How to reach: Direct trains, buses, and taxis.


The best-kept secret of Maharashtra. This 1.8 km stretched lake was originally created by a meteor impact which happened some 50000 years ago. The lake has unique features and is surrounded by temples and local villages around it.

Lonar - valentine's day trip

A wonder of nature, Lonar has home stays, B&B, lodges and lot of staying options. Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in the quiet surrounding with frequent intervals of birds chirping or local men talking, a perfect day off with the perfect one in your life.

Distance: 503.2 km.
Time to reach: approximately 9 hours.
How to reach: Direct buses, taxi’s to Lonar, if taking a train get down at the nearest train station Jalna, then take a taxi till Lonar.


For the last minute planners and the ones willing to stay closer to the city, Matheran has never stopped being a weekend favorite.


What is the best way to celebrate valentine’s day?

An area where cars are not allowed, walk around the hills, stay the night to experience the beautiful sunrise next morning only to take up a task of zip lining, or trekking or backpacking. Give the special person a caring hand to hold if they slip, help each other in the obstacles and reminisce the journey you’ve had.

best valentine day romance spot - Matheran

Distance: 83 km.
Time to reach: Approximately 2 hours.
How to reach: The most convenient way is to take a taxi directly to Matheran.

Romantic places to visit around Delhi:


Spend a royal valentine’s day in the royal setup of this famous heritage hotel. A night in Neemrana will actually make the special women in your life feel like a princess, the staff is utmost helpful and the place is full of possibilities.

Neemrana - places to visit around delhi for weekends

Take tours of the place in vintage cars, spend the day in rooms named Maahals, get the royal treatment and feel lavish in love. Hit the Road and get there, see it for yourself and try hard to forget the beauty of this place lit with sparkling lights.

Distance: 122 km.
Time to reach: 3 hours.
How to reach: Take a direct taxi to Neemrana.


A place famous for all the right reasons, cultural heritage, alluring beauty, uneven lush green terrains, a place which has a different feel in the air itself. Pack your bags and head for a camping date in the forest of Almora, one of the best places to go on valentine’s day.

almora - best valentine's day destination

Spend the weekend as completely different people, living on the natural resources camping in the woods and at a place so far better than the city of civilized. Let your loved ones experience life in the purest form not bothered about anybody else, only the forest and only two people camping.

Distance: 361.3 km.
Time to reach: Approximately 8 hours.
How to reach: Take a bus or a train and get down at Kathgodam from where you can take a taxi or a bus to Almora.


 Another beauty of the Uttarakhand Mountains, Auli in the Gharwali is a lesser-known ski spot, which has recently been gaining attention, which is why the place is yet natural and has no trace of a lot of pollution in it. Snowcapped mountains serve as ski resorts and also for entertaining a lot of other snow sports activities.


Distance: 395 km.
Time to reach: Approximately 8 hours.
How to reach: Take a train to Haridwar and travel further on a bus or a taxi.

Where to stay: Check out the top staying options in Auli.

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