Located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Coorg has become a much-beloved tourist destination. It is also called as the “Scotland of India”. It has a rich cultural heritage with the indigenous Kodavas said to be a warrior people directly descended from Alexander the Great. Coorg is an ideal travel destination at just 300 km away from Bangalore.
And What drives people to visit Coorg?
One of the best places to visit in South India is also famous for its coffee and amazing landscape. The tranquil environment has made Coorg a particularly popular destination for honeymooners. Its many attractions and the entrepreneurial spirit of the locals have helped make this destination a popular stopover for travelers in India.
A stay at Homestay in Coorg is a choice for visitors as the locals have taken it upon themselves to make their homes with a warm and welcoming environment for guests. Here are five reasons to make Coorg part of your travel itinerary when traveling to India.

1. To hike the Mountain Ranges

Coorg is home to an expansive stretch of mountain ranges and hills that offer ample chances for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy hiking opportunities. The Kakkabe to Thadiyandamol route to the state highest peak is very popular. It is just a few kilometers from the Padi Igguthappa temple, a holy temple of the Kodavas, allowing visitors to combine nature with culture on their outing.
Why do people travel to Coorg
The Pushpagiri range is another destination with plenty of trekking trails to try out to enjoy. Most routes will require a 3-4 hour time commitment, with the Kumara Parvatha peak being the toughest challenge. The Brahmagiri Hill is located within the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. It offers a beautiful terrain to transverse and views of the natural habitat of elephants. There are several rivers you will encounter and the Iruppu Falls. Trekking, Rafting, Cycling and Camping are few the best things to do in Coorg among these 23 Adventure sports in Coorg.
As you explore the various trekking routes, you will find that different ranges offer different levels of difficulty. So be sure to consult your host at your Coorg resort, or hotel concierge before setting out. Remember trekking on mountain ranges means changing altitudes so take your time, and have fun as you get to enjoy the sweeping views.

2. To enjoy the Waterfalls

With such lush mountain ranges and hills, it is only fitting that there should be magnificent waterways that descend as well. Coorg is home to some of the most beautiful and untouched waterfalls in the country. Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls are perhaps the most famously photographed. Abbey Falls is nestled amongst fields of coffee plantations and meanders its way into the Cauvery River. Iruppu is quite close to the Nagarhole National Park and is a special delight just after the monsoon season when an amazing array of butterflies comes out of their cocoons.
Why should you visit Coorg - Waterfalls in COorg
The Mallalli Falls are also not to be missed out on when enjoying the homestay in Coorg. Located at the foothills of Pushpagiri, they offer a spectacular sight as the waters plunge a heady over 200 feet. Monsoon will be an ideal season to visit Coorg. The Burude Falls in Karnataka is another delightful spectacle as the rivers flow down in five steps, forming a new waterfall at each level. During drier months, you can actually walk down steps to the huge natural pool at the base of the waterfalls, but in monsoon, this sight is best observed from the top.

3. To taste the Coffee

The locally grown Coorg coffee is world famous and partaking a homestay in Coorg will offer you the opportunity to enjoy it at its freshest. A tour of the coffee plantations will allow an up-close view of the distinctly blue coffee beans of the predominantly Coffea Robusta variety. Organized tours often prove very educational on how complicated a process it is to produce high-quality coffee. In the end, you get a chance to sample the different varieties of coffee produced in the region.
Plantation in Coorg
There are several spices that are grown alongside the coffee, with pepper being particularly noticeable. As you tour the plantations during your homestay in Coorg, be sure to check out the shade trees that dot the landscape. You will see the pepper vines entwining the trees making them appear bushy. Coorg peppers make for a popular vacation souvenir.

4. To ride the Elephants

The Dubare Elephant Camp is an attraction not to be missed out on by any traveler to Coorg. One can also try camping in Coorg with prior permission from Karnataka government. During your stay, you can have fun playing with the elephants at bath time in the mornings and enjoy a ride. The camp is surrounded by forest terrain teeming with other animals, including leopards, bears and peacocks. If you are lucky and observant, you may be able to spot them through the trees.
Elephant ride at dubare elephant camp
Those looking to indulge in a more thrilling adventure can also gain access to other outdoor activities here, including river rafting during monsoon season on the Cauvery River, and trekking into the forest. There are plenty of remarkable natural sights to enjoy during such a homestay in Coorg, and even a visit to the Ganapati Temple that is over a millennium old. The area is also great for sport fishing enthusiasts, with a policy of catch and release.

5. To visit Temple

Coorg is home to one of the most famous and holiest Tibetan monasteries in India. The Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery is most famous for its three 40-feet tall golden statues of Buddha in the Golden Temple. If you choose a homestay in Coorg located near Bylakuppe, be sure to visit this amazing holy site and consider buying local handicrafts and authentic delicious Tibetan momos.
Temples in Coorg
The Omkareshwara Temple is another amazing attraction for those enjoying a homestay in Coorg. This temple was built in 1820 as a dedication to Lord Shiva and continues to attract worshippers even today. It is a stunning representation of the Muhammadan style of architectural design, with a central dome surrounded by four turrets. This is also one of the major attraction spots in Funstay’s Top 15 Madikeri tourist spot.
The Dargah Sharif of Yemmemadu is another religious shrine that houses the holy tomb of Hazrath Sufi Shaeed and Sayyed Hassan Sakaf Halramir. There is an annual 8-day festival organized to honor these saints.
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