Coorg which is also known as Kodagu is located in Karnataka of South India. This is one of the best hill stations present in the western region of Karnataka. This place is blessed with the eye soothing natural scenery. A number of adventure activities are performed in Coorg. The adventure sports in Coorg are a boon to enjoy, especially for adventure seekers. This is the perfect destination for all those who want to get the exposure of green beauty with an adventurous trip.

The major things to do in Coorg include the trekking, zip-lining, rappelling, river- rafting, camping etc. One who likes to travel and wonders for an adventurous trip, Coorg is undoubtedly the best destination. Homestay in Coorg provides the best facilities to explore the beauty of Coorg.

But most of us don’t know what to do in Coorg that rejuvenates your body?

Let’s check out the best things to do in Coorg…

Adventure things to do in CoorgSpotsThings to carryBest time
TrekkingTadiyandamol (8 km)Water bottle, Food and Fast-aid kit.November to February
Nishani Motte (8 km)First aid box, Food and Pair of clothesOctober to February
Kopatty (14 km)Water, Medicines and
October to February
Kumar Parvatha (14 km)Water, Medicines and
October to December
Brahmagiri Peak (10 km)Medicine kit, Pair of clothes and
Pair of shoes
December to February
Kotebetta (16 km)Rain coat, Trekking shoes and closthes.October to March
CampingFoothill of KushalnagarCamping tents and First aid kitJune to September
GonikoppaBasic thingsJune to September
MadikeriClothes and MedicinesJanuary to April
GalibeeduImportant Medicines.
and Camping tent.
January to April
Kakkabe trailPair of clothes and
Pair of shoes
September to December
River raftingBarapolePair of clothes and Shoes.Winter (September to July
DubareDry Clothes, First aid kit and Extra pair of clotheSeptember to July
SitanadiDry Clothes, First aid kit and Extra pair of clotheJune to October
CauveryDry Clothes, First aid kit and Extra pair of clotheJune to September
Jeep safariMandalpettyWater and Food Winter (October to March)
Nishani hillsNecessary medicines,
Food and Water.
Any time in the year except monsoon season
KayakingDry Clothes and First aid kit Happens throughout the year
Rock ClimbingHonnamana KereDry Clothes and First aid kit Summer (February to June)
RappellingChelavaraDry Clothes and First aid kit Summer (February to June)

                    Top 23 Things to do in Madikeri

Best Trekking places in Coorg:

 1. Trekking in Tadiyandamol:

 It is the highest peak among all the misty hill nestled in Coorg. It is surrounded by the Shola forests and located at about 274 km from Bangalore. It is an ideal destination for trekking.

Tadiyandamol is the third tallest peak in the state of Karnataka. It has an elevation of about 5,735 feet. It offers an amazing and breath-taking view to the travelers. Tadiyandamol trek is quite easy and no experience is required for it.

If you are willing to for camping in Coorg, then there are some excellent spots for setting up camp. Watch the sunrise from thadiyandomal peak along with a sip of Coorg coffee, there are no words to explain it.

things to do in Coorg - Trekking at tadiyandamol peak

Trekking in Coorg is a lifetime experience that one should have. When you are climbing towards the peak, the slope may appear to be a little steeper. But the excellent Coorg weather and the natural beauty of the surrounding is going to keep you focused. On reaching the peak, you will be able to visualize the beauty of the landscape. There are a number of experiential Coorg stays near to tadiyandomal hill with all basic amenities. You can also find a number of other trekking spots in Coorg near to it.

Things to Carry:

  • Water bottle.
  • Food.
  • Fast-aid kit.
  • Raincoat.
  • Pair of clothes.

Best Season: November to February

Distance: 8 km

Difficulty Level: Easy

2. Trekking in Nishani Motte

Nishani Betta also called as Nishani Motte is a still lesser known trekking spot in Coorg. This beautiful spot is situated in the Brahmagiri mountain range of the Western Ghats. The beauty of this place is more or less intact due to the limited number of tourists. This certainly makes Nishani Betta a favorite place among the people who love trekking in serene and tranquil places.

Nishani Betta offers the travelers a gentle trekking trail through the beautiful coffee plantations. There are gurgling streams of fresh water along the route if you want to take a break for freshening up.

adventure sports in Coorg - Nishani motte

Nishani Betta is perfect for trekking due to its serene beauty. One of the best things to do spot in Madikeri for a refreshing break from all the crowded tourist places in the area. So, tourists even consider it as one of the best treks in Coorg

Things to Carry:

  • Water bottle.
  • First aid box.
  • Food.
  • Pair of clothes etc

Best Season for trekking in Coorg: October to February

Trek Distance: 8 km

Difficulty Level: Easy

Guide: Recommended

3. Trek to Kopatty

Kopatty Hills can be considered as one of the beautiful hills in Coorg. However, it has not been explored to the maximum so far. Kopatty Coorg trek offers a magnificent trail which leads up to the splendid hill. This is located some 295kms away from the city. For the Coorg adventure enthusiasts, Kopatty is definitely a spot of attraction.

Coorg things to do - Kopatty

It’s serene beauty and dense forests accompanied with small streams and green grasslands are perfect for a weekend gateway. The hills are located at a distance of about 3 km away from Cherambane in the Talacaveri range. This is also surrounded by paddy fields on both sides. The altitude of the peak is about 4300 ft (1375 mt) above sea level. Coorg is an evergreen destination, but experience its best at this Best time.

The total distance of the trek is about 14kms.

Things to Carry:

  • Water.
  • Medicines.
  • Snacks.
  • Pair of clothes etc

Best Month for trekking in Coorg: October to February

Trek Distance: 14 km

Difficulty Level: Medium

Guide: Recommended

 4. Trekking in Kumar Parvatha

Coorg is the abode of the scenic Kumara-Parvatha. It is the second highest peak in the region. It attracts a plenty of trekkers, nature lovers and adventurous souls.  This is also called as Pushpagiri. 

The trekking in Pushpagiri, one of the must things to do in Coorg is a bit challenging as it offers rugged and challenging terrains. Though it requires a strong determination to reach the peak, one will simply realize the worth after seeing the view from the top.

Best things to do in madikeri - Kumara parvatha trek

If one has enough zeal to climb high and explore the amazing view from the top, then Kumara parvatha trek is surely the perfect activity.

Things to Carry:

  • Water.
  • Medicine.
  • Food.
  • Other basic things.

Best Time to trek: October to December

Trek Distance: 14 km

Difficulty Level: Medium to Difficult

Guide: Recommended

5. Trekking at Brahmagiri Peak, Coorg:

The Brahmagiri trekking trail is one of the famous spots for trekking in Coorg. The Brahmagiri mountain range is situated in the Western Ghats. Thus, it lies on the border of Kodagu district and the Wayanad district of Kerala.

The slopes of the Brahmagiri Mountains are covered by thick green forests and are home to many wildlife animals. The peak has an elevation of about 5,276 feet and hence it is one of the best Madikeri trekking places for trekkers. This peak is frequently visited by travelers throughout the year.

The peak remains wrapped up by the beautiful misty cottony clouds. The scenic beauty is truly mesmerizing which attracts the travelers to have a frequent visit.

adventure activity in coorg - trekking in bhramagiri peak

The Brahmagiri trek is really not easy as compared to the other treks in Coorg. This will definitely challenge your patience. It will check the energy levels from time to time, but in the end it will also reward you.

The scenic panorama from the top of the peak with sweet waters of intermittent springs is surely going to bring a refreshment to the tired life. So, if you are looking to be a part of the adventure along with enjoying the breath-taking nature, a trip to Brahmagiri is the best option.

Things to Carry:

  • Medicine kit.
  • Pair of clothes.
  • Pair of shoes etc

Best time for trekking in Coorg: December to February

Trek Distance: 10 km

Difficulty Level: Medium to Difficult

Guide: Recommended

6. Trek to Kotebetta

The Kotebetta, one of the best trekking trails near Coorg and is the third highest peak in Coorg. The name of the hill means the Fort Hill. Among the top 15 Coorg attractions spots, Kotebetta attracts a major section of the tourists. Kotebetta also attracts a fair share of trekkers with its fantastic terrain and scenic splendor.

best things to do in coorg - trekking in kotebetta

This beautiful hill which looks like a fort lies on the border between Coorg and Dakshina Kannada. From coffee plantations to forest-covered slopes, Kotebetta offers a diverse terrain and several trails for trekking in Coorg.

Things to Carry:

  • Trekking Shoes.
  • Water
  • First aid kit
  • Pair of shoes.
  • Raincoats etc

Best month for trekking in Coorg: October to March

Trekking Distance: 16 km

Difficulty Level: Medium

Guide: Recommended

Camping in Coorg:

For anyone looking for a quick and refreshing getaway, Jungle Camping is one of the best adventure sports in Coorg. As you go towards the campsite that is surrounded by dense jungles and picturesque vistas, inhale the fresh air and listen to the sound of calmness of the sprawling Brahmagiri ranges.

Best Camping Spots in Coorg

1. Camping at Foothill of Kushalnagar:

If you are enthusiastic about camping, then foothill camping at Kushalnagar is a must. If you are bored from the daily hustle-bustle of the normal life, then take a one-day break and try adventure camping in Coorg. One-day camping amidst the divine coffee plantations is going to be a rejuvenating experience. This is located about 34 km away from the Madikeri town.

If you are thinking that only camping is the activity organized for the travelers, then you are absolutely wrong. A number of other Coorg activities like cycling, rope activities, trekking is also performed which are the source of ultimate joy and fun.

madikeri things to do - camping in kushalnagar

If you are addicted to nature, then Coorg sightseeing can also be performed only on prior request though. This one day package is cost effective and also gives you a chance to spend a night in tents under the sky.

Best Season: June to September

2. Gonikoppa Camping Spot

This splendid camp is located in the Southern part of Coorg. If you want to immerse yourself in the natural aura Of Coorg, it is one of the best camping options in Coorg. This camp is situated around the amazing landscapes which are a home to some spectacular wildlife.

Camping in Coorg - Gonikoppa

A riverside camp suited near to Barepol river, allow one to try the adventurous whitewater rafting in Coorg. Apart from these adventures one can even take a trek up the scenic Brahmagiri Hills and unwind with a bonfire as well as a delicious barbeque dinner at the campsite.


  • Stream Walk.
  • White Water Rafting.
  • Forest Trek.
  • Brahmagiri Hill Trek.

Best Season: June to September

Guide: Not required

Difficulty Level: Moderate

 3. Madikeri Camping Spot:

In order to get the taste of life, one should go for a  camping in Madikeri. The fresh air will soothe you and the adventure will awaken the adrenaline junky in you. This is one of the best destinations to enjoy nature.

activities to do in madikeri - Madikeri camp

Spending time around a campfire with friends and family will revitalize your mind and body. Spending a night under the sky in the lap of natural flora will surely calm your tired soul. Madikeri is one of the best places for camping in all over India.

Things to Carry:

  • Water.
  • Food (Preferably snacks).
  • Firstaid box.
  • Torch etc

Best Season for camping in Madikeri: January to April

Difficulty Level: Medium

4. Galibeedu Coorg Adventure Camp:

Madikeri is the heart of Coorg or Kodagu district. The Galibeedu range is a popular spot for trekking and camping in Coorg. If you are planning to spend a weekend gateway then, camping in Galibeedu is one of the best adventure activities in Coorg.

The Galibeedu range is a famous range for the trekkers, because of its diverse terrain and picturesque surroundings. The temperature in Madikeri is relatively pleasant but it may go down in winter.

must do things in Coorg - Galibeedu camping

Galibeedu to Subramanya is generally considered as the most opted trail. But, this trail needs an expert guidance to reach because of the dark woods. Camping at Nishani motte will be the best ever adventure sport in Coorg for any traveler.

Things to carry:

  • Important Medicines.
  • Camping tent.
  • Pair of clothes.
  • Pair of shoes etc

Best time for camping in Coorg: January to April

Difficulty Level: Medium

Guide: Recommended

5. Trekking and Camping in Kakkabe trail:

The Kakkabe trail offers the tourists a number of stretches of unspoiled greener. Nestled in the Tadiyandamol peak, trekkers can easily explore this beautiful trail when they are visiting the Thadiyanadamol peak.

Kakkabe also consists of a number of Coorg tourist spots nearby such as the Nalnad Palace, Padi Igguthappa temple. The Kakkabe trekking trail offers the adrenaline junkies an ample opportunity for exploring the beauty of nature.

One major important thing here is the honey. You can buy this famous honey in a jar. The historical town of Karada is also nearby.

Best Season for camping in Coorg: September to December

Trek Distance: 6 km

Difficulty Level: Medium

River Rafting in Coorg:

River rafting in Coorg is one of the best things to do in Coorg. The presence of rugged terrain and the abundant rainfall makes the place an important spot for adventurous activities. The age for rafting is from 15 to 60 years and the ideal weight is below 110kg. The rapid has a challenging grade of activity-from I to V.

White Water Rafting takes place after monsoon and then the river water is in full and quick flow. The ideal time is from July to September.

Still Water Rafting takes place before the start of the rains or after the monsoon season when the river water is placid. An ideal time for rafting starts from before September till July.

River Rafting Spots in Coorg:

1. Barapole River rafting:

Barapole, one of the best Coorg rafting places and is the stream to raft in Coorg. It is considered to be the deadliest in Coorg because of its turbulent stream. The river flows through the dense forests of Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary. The activity will start once you reach the river Barapole called as Kithu Kakathu River and the activity is of 2 hours.

river rafting in coorg - things to do activities

The distance one usually travels in water is about 2.5km. The rapids are classified according to the level of difficulty in rafting as: Morning Coffee, Grasshopper, Wicked Witch and then the final Big bang.

Get ready to take one of the deadliest adventure sports in Coorg…

Things to Carry: Pair of clothes and Shoes.

Best time for river rafting in Coorg: Winter (September to July)

2. River rafting in Dubare:

Dubare River rafting is one of the adventurous things to do in Coorg that attracts all the adrenaline junkies. Dubare river rafting is one of the best white water rafting spots in Coorg. It usually takes place in the river Kaveri.

The rapids are of Garde I and Grade II-for beginners and experienced respectively. The river rafting here is divided into two types according to the distance of rafting – 8km and 12km.

Adventute activities in coorg - River rafting

The Elephant camp is an added feather to the adventurous activity of river rafting in Dubare. The Coorg river rafting booking can also be done online at affordable rates.

Also, Check out the top 96 Coorg homestays near Dubare camp.

Best Season for rafting in Coorg: September to July

3. Sitanadi Water Rafting at Coorg:

The river rafting in Sitanadi gives the enthusiastic travelers a wonderful opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of nature. The lush green undulation accompanied by the free-flowing rivers will create an experience for a lifetime.

River rafting near Madikeri always draws the attention of the adventure enthusiasts. This is one of the biggest rafting centers in India’s Western Ghats.

river rafting in Coorg - sitanadi

This region receives almost maximum rainfall in India and forges its course of more than 70kms. Thus, it doesn’t fail to surprise the tourists for its amazing and thrilling whitewater rafting experience in India.

Things to carry:

  • Dry Clothes.
  • First aid kit.
  • Extra pair of clothes.

Best time for rafting in Coorg: June to October

4. White water River rafting in Cauvery:

The white-water river rafting in Cauvery is a thrilling experience and guides help in making the adventure successful. The best season to try this Coorg thing to do activity is after the monsoon. This is located in the pretty town of Bheemeshwari and is a perfect gateway from Bangalore.

coorg white water rafing - Cauvery

It is also known as Cauvery Fishing camp and located at a distance of about 120 km from the city. It is an ideal spot for activities like fishing, trekking and most thrilling whitewater rafting.

The approximate Coorg river rafting prices will be Rs. 1000 based on the season.

Best Season: June to September

Jeep Safari in Coorg:

Coorg Jeep Safari is not an adventure sport, but is the best Coorg things to do. The drive through the plethora of green woody forests, surrounded by misty hills is surely one best thing to do in Coorg. These enthralling activities are going to blow your mind. The experiences are surely going to make you happy from inside.

Top Jeep Safari Spots in Coorg

1. Jeep safari in Mandalpetty:

It is one of the enthralling activities that happens in Coorg. Mandalpetty is located at about 30kms from Madikeri. On reaching this place, you can enjoy the beautiful scenario of the waterfall called the Chelavara.

The activity usually takes place for 3 to 5 hours. All the tourists usually enjoy the rugged terrain and the view from the top of the hill is breath-taking. The activity includes jeep drive along with Coorg sightseeing.

Things to carry: Water, Food (preferably snacks),

Best season for jeep safari: Winter (October to March)

2. Jeep Safari in Nishani hills:

It is another famous activity performed by passionate people for driving. The Nishani hills are located in Madikeri and it is adorned by the beautiful plethora of natural beauty. This drive is surely a form of inducer to the adrenaline rush for the travelers.

adventurous jeep safari in Coorg -Mandalpatti

One can enjoy the different terrains of this beautiful hill and explore the amazing natural scenario. This heart-pumping drive is a lifetime experience. This is a 2 hour guided tour and the slots can be selected according to one’s choice from 9 am in the morning to 3 pm in the evening. Chase the clouds by trying this thing to do in Madikeri.

Best Time for Safari in Coorg: Any time in the year except monsoon season

Things to Carry:

  • Necessary medicines
  • Food and Water.

Kayaking in Coorg

The hill station of Coorg is adorned with the most beautiful rivers which are perfect for a pleasant joyride with Kayaking down the river beds. If you are enthusiastic about outdoor activities, then wasting time at home is not worth it.

So, try the best water sport activity in Coorg for twenty minutes ride which will make your mind and soul refreshing. Paddling down through the azure waters is one amazing lifetime experience. To enjoy the charm of this adventure city-Coorg, you must plan a trip to this place.

Things to do in Coorg - Kayaking

Apart from this, one can also enjoy fishing in Coorg. Valnoor is famous for fishing where one can find ultimate calmness in the surrounding. The two varieties of fish which are found in abundance are – morals and mahseers.

Best season to visit: Happens throughout the year

Rock Climbing at Honnamana Kere

Though Coorg is a beautiful station for leisure, it is a wonderful destination for adventure activities. One such activity that draws the attention of a number of travelers is the rock climbing. This adventure sports in Coorg is fun and also a good form of exercise that relieves stress.

The spot for rock climbing includes a beautiful lake and is surrounded by the misty green hills, with the aromatic coffee plantations and valleys.

Adventure activities to do in Coorg - Rock climbing

The two major hills for climbing are- Gavi Betta and Mori Betta. The view from the top is eye-soothing. This area usually opens at 6 am in the morning and thus you can spend the entire day by rock climbing, hiking or just sitting and embracing the natural view.

For a smooth climbing, you can take suggestions from the instructor. The activity is free of cost here and you can go in any season to have this thrilling experience. So, rock climbing in Honnamana kere is really worth every difficulty.

Waterfall rappelling in Coorg, Chelavara:

The Chelavara Hills in Coorg will bring a lot of fun and excitement to your tiring and restless life. Spending time among the coffee plantations, misty mountains and waterfalls is surely the best option to rejuvenate the tired soul. There is a 2D 3N Coorg tour package which includes rappelling 150 feet down the waterfall.

Must do things in Coorg - Water rappelling

This thing to do in Coorg is a bit challenging activity but it will fulfil your bucket of expectation. Apart from this one can also enjoy campfire along with star gazing, enjoying the songs and beating to the music beats on a Coorg resort located near to rappelling spot.

Coorg water rappelling is one of the major adventure sports in Coorg that draws a number of tourists in Coorg.

Best season for rappelling in Coorg: Summer (February to June).

Quad biking in Coorg

If you are passionate about riding on the streets, then quad biking in Madikeri is the best option to wake up the street hawk in you. The rides through the natural trails with steep slopes and the slippery stretches is definitely an amazing activity.

The minimum number of people to join is one and the maximum is 15. The time duration for this activity is of 90minutes. The ride through the paddy fields and the trail of about 4kms is surely an exciting sport that will energize you.

Coorg adventure things to do - quad biking

The biking center is located near Dubare elephant camp, which is about 8 km from the town of Madikeri. This comes under one of the best activities to do in Coorg.

Quad biking Spots in Coorg:

  • Dubare elephant camp.
  • Chelavara hill.

Best Time for Quad biking: September to March

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