From mesmerizing natural beauty to thrilling adventures, Ladakh is definitely a ‘Land of Magics’. The things to do in Leh Ladakh like trekking, bike riding, rafting and more will surely pump your blood faster. Leh-Ladakh is definitely the most exciting destination with a number of things to do when you are bored with your busy and hectic life.

The most common question about Leh is “what to do in Leh Ladakh“…

Here are the best adventure activities to do in Ladakh:

  • Trekking in Leh Ladakh (5 adventurous trekking spots).
  • Adventure Leh Camping (4 camping spots under night sky).
  • Mountain Biking with top 3 best routes.
  • Best places for whitewater rafting in Leh.
  • Bike trip in Ladakh.
  • Jeep safari.
  • Camel safari in Leh.
  • Popular Leh attraction spots.

If your soul is tired from the hustle and bustle of city life, a trip to Leh-Ladakh is a must. If your social media is filled with too much of live videos of trekking, bike riding in Leh-Ladakh of your friends, you must puck your bags and take a call yourself. Ladakh tours are enough to boost your energy at a high level.

So, pack your bag and get ready for an adventurous trip to Leh-Ladakh. The best season to visit Leh Ladakh is mid-summer, before the monsoon starts. Indulge yourself to a new atmosphere of excitement and enjoy by taking part in all Leh Ladakh adventurous activities. The must do things in Ladakh include mountain biking, cycling, rafting etc.

The beauty can cast a spell on the travelers which will last a lifetime. The famous Buddhist monasteries along with mesmerizing white mountains create something too magical.

You will find an amazing number of places to see in Leh that will simply make you mesmerized. The significance of Ladakh spots can’t be expressed with the twenty-six letters.

The place holds a mystic view with numerous festivals and adventures. Cycling, mountain biking, rafting are important fun things to do in Leh. Visiting Leh and Ladakh can be a great experience as these places are abodes of natural beauty. Leh local sightseeing is surely a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss.

There are a number of attractions in Leh Ladakh filled with immense beauty, various gompas, mountain peaks, palaces of the royalty wildlife safaris, adventure activity spots and much more. Ladakh represents a unique characteristic that is a mixture of Indian, Tibetan and Buddhism lining. This definitely makes it a place of worth visiting.

This beautiful hilly region is visited by a number of tourists be it local or foreigners. It is a popular summer as well as a winter destination. The lush green undulations, the grey mountain peaks attract a number of wanderlust souls. With the plethora of natural bounties, it is also a major hub of adventure.

               21 Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Trekking – Enjoy The Adventure With A Zeal

Trekking in Ladakh is an amazing experience and one of the best adventure activities in Ladakh. Ladakh trekking is a treat to the adventure lovers. The panorama of the beautiful treks like the Darcha-Padum, which passes through a number of regions with varied topographies is definitely a treat to the eyes.

It extends from the Padum region of Zanskar valley, passing through Tokpa, Chalang, Ramjak, and Lakong, and up to the Darcha region of Himachal Pradesh. These are exclusive and the best trekking places in Leh-Ladakh.  Leh trekking helps to rejuvenate your tiring mind and soul.

Trekking in Ladakh can be highly challenging and are for trekkers those who want to push their limits. The terrains are steep and require preparation- both mental and physical –before pursuing these treks. The Ladakh trekking camps are organized in a proper way for the travelers.

Leh Ladakh trekking tour can take all your stress and worries away from you. One must plan at least trekking trip to Ladakh once in a lifetime.

The best time for trekking in Ladakh: July to September.

5 Popular Trekking Spots In Leh Ladakh:

The Ladakh trekking expeditions need constant acclimatization to the unsettling temperatures. A number of good trekking trails in Ladakh can be witnessed which can be challenging as well as adventurous.

Chardar Trek or Zanskar Trek:

This is called the frozen river trek for the fact that the Zanskar river turns into a sheet of snow in winter. It is a famous spot for trekking in Ladakh in January. The level of difficulty is very high.

The best time to visit is from mid-Jan to end-Feb.

Chardar trek or zanskar trek - things to do in leh ladakh

Nubra Valley Trek:

A famous Ladakh trek trail passes through the two high mountain passes, Khardung La and Lasermo La. Nubra valley is located about 3048 meters above the sea level.  Trekking at Nubra Valley is one of the best things to do in Ladakh in July. During these months, the Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways remain open for bikers.

things to do in leh - nubra valley

Stok Kangri Trek:

Without any doubt, this is one of the most challenging trekking spots in India. While trekking, you can witness the wonderful scenic beauty of Zanskar and Indus valley. It has a high altitude of about 6000m and the best time for trekking is from mid-July to September.

things to do in ladakh - stok kangri

Lamayuru Trek:

Trekking in Lamayuru not only provides you the scenic beauty but also you can have a glimpse of the spiritual monasteries. This trek also offers the spectacular view of the Karakoram Ranges, Prinkti la pass as well. Its altitude is about 4950 m from sea level. The difficulty level is the moderate and best season to visit is from mid-June to September.

trekking in ladakh - lamayuru

Markha Valley Trek:

This trek is also known as the tea house trek because the accommodations are available in parachute tents. The best trekking place in Ladakh, located at an altitude of 5000m from the sea level. The difficulty level of trekking is moderate. The Markha valley trek package is quite reasonable.

best trekking places in leh ladakh

Camping In Leh Ladakh: Spend A Night On The Mountains Under The Dark Sky

Ladakh never fails to amaze the adrenaline junkies. Being the root of magnificent beauty and plethora of nature, it has been calling travelers on a Global basis. Camping in Ladakh is one of the best ways to relax.

Camping under the horizon is a must do activity in Ladakh. To some travelers, Leh-Ladakh is a land of Moon and to some, it is a place filled with mysteries. Leh-Ladakh adventurous activities must be experienced by each and every individual at least once in life.

Get all 21 things to do in Leh Ladakh in a single 7D 6N Ladakh tour packages.

Top 4 Leh Adventurous Camping Spots:

Camping At Pangong Lake:

Camping in Ladakh is a perfect gateway to get relieved from the daily stress. If you are searching for some luxurious camp stay in Pangong, then 100 sky camp is the best camp. The camp is located on Spangmik, Leh and it offers you with the splendid views of the surrounding.

Get an opportunity to catch the beauty of extravagance tents which is undoubtedly going to give you the best time of life. Luxury camp in Leh Ladakh will surely make one investigate the mesmerizing joy of Spangmik, Pangong Lake.

Pangong lake camp - Must do things in leh

Nubra Valley Camp:

This is one of the adventurous camps located in Leh-Ladakh region of our country. The Cold Desert Camp located in the Nubra is one of the best and luxurious camp. This attracts a number of tourists and it is the best in the region. It provides tourists with a perfect stay.

Nubra valley camping - camping in ladakh

Tso Moriri:

The Norling Camp is one of the best camps in Leh-Ladakh. It offers perfect accommodation in Karzok Gompa. This camp is organized in Tso Moriri which is one of its kind in Ladakh.

How many of you know that Leh Ladakh is best for female solo travel?

tso morir camp - luxury camping at leh ladakh

This stand among the most delightful and eye soothing location and every vacationer dream of such an amazing place. The Norling Camp offers the guests with the necessary amenities and the calm-soothing environment to stay. This camp is located at Karzok, Tso Moriri lake.

Sarchu Camp:

If you are planning for a luxurious camping tour in Leh-Ladakha number of camps in Leh-Ladakh are there to treat you.

2.4.1 Dorje Camps: It is one of the best camps in Sarchu. It is furnished with a number of amenities. The camp also presents to the travelers a different taste of cuisines. This is a lifetime experience as the place is situated in a unique location. This is exactly at the midway between Manali and Leh. Thus, one can enjoy the amazing landscape sights easily.

activities to do in ladakh - camping in leh


  • 20 Swiss Cottage Tents.
  • Double beds
  • Hot water supplies
  • Proper flooring
  • in-house restaurant(Chinese,Indian,Continental dishes)

2.4.2 Snow Gold Camps: It is one of the most affordable camps in Sarchu. This camp takes place from mid of May and continues till the end of September. You can explore Sarchu and also the neighboring Lahaul region at the same time. This is definitely the best camp to enjoy a weekend on a minimum budget.

leh adventure camp - snow gold


  • Beds
  • Furniture of your choice
  • Hot water supplies

You can also explore this camp while on your way to or from Ladakh. Thus, camping is definitely a major Leh – Ladakh adventure activity to the tourists. 

Mountain Biking And Cycling: Explore The Travel-Enthusiast In You

Biking and cycling are the best adventure sports in Ladakh. Be it the mountain bikers or cyclers, all will find the extreme joy here. It is definitely a must thing to do in Ladakh. Cycling in Ladakh and exploring the breathtaking shores of the Pangong lake is surely a lifetime experience. You may also find opportunities to go for bike riding along the Zanskar & Indus river.

Moreover, mountain biking in the Ladakh region is also possible from Leh to Khardung La Pass, the highest motorable roads in the world. From Khardung La, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Nubra Valley and the snow-wrapped ranges surrounding it.

Sometimes, the mountain biking tour in Leh takes you to the numerous unreachable areas that are quite off-track because of their high altitude. The cycling tour to these unknown places in Ladakh makes the journey more enthralling.

Best Cycling Routes In Ladakh:

From Leh Towards Alchi:

The distance from Leh to Alchi is about 64km with full of hairpin turns. The trail is a safe route and one can enjoy the beautiful views of Likir Monastery, Dharmachakra Monastery, Magnetic hill, Sangam-the confluence of Zanskar and Indus river etc.

Mountain biking in ladakh - must do things in ladakh

From Leh Towards Hemis:

Cycling of 39.9km from Leh to Hemis is surely one of the best mountain biking routes in Ladakh. While cycling in this way, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sindhu Ghat, Shey Palace, Hemis Monastery, Thiksey monastery.

best adventure activities in ladakh - leh to hemis

All The Way Through Khardung La

The thought of cycling through the Khardung La pass is definitely a thrilling experience. The pass acts as a link between Leh city, Indus and Nubra Valley. It is a 40 km ride where you can enjoy the scenic views of the Zanskar Ranges and Karakoram Ranges.

adventure sports in ladakh - khardungla pass cycling

Best Time To Plan Cycling Tour To Ladakh:

The best time for mountain biking in Ladakh is from mid-June to end of September. During this time, the passes remain opened and the road is not covered with snow.

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River rafting: Soak Your Tiring Soul In The Cold Water

River rafting in the Leh and Ladakh is definitely a must thing to do. The experience is thrilling and it is surely going to make the adrenaline rush high. The cost of river rafting in Ladakh is negotiable. Adventure sports in Leh attract people like the magnet from all over the world.

Top 5 River Rafting Spots In Ladakh:

Phey – Nimo:

This route starts from Phey Village of about 12kms. This ends at Nimo which is the confluence of Indus and Zanskar and it is about 36kms from Leh.

river rafting in ladakh - Phey to Nemo


This rafting route starts from Phey and is located about 8kms in the South of Leh. It ends at Saspol which is on Leh-Srinagar Highway. This is a short route and recommended for beginners.

best places for white water rafting in leh

Upshi – Kharu:

This route is not difficult but a bit longer as compared to other routes of rafting in Ladakh. The stretch that runs between Upshi and Kharu consists of I, II and III rapids. From Upshi, the river moves towards the west to Kharu.

leh things to do - white water rafting


This route of river rafting starts from Kharu. It is located about 45kms in the East of Leh and ends at Spituk. It is easily accessible by all the beginners.

leh ladakh river rafting - kharu to spituk

Saspol – Khaltsey:

This is the most challenging river rafting spot in Ladakh. If you have gained expertise in this adrenaline rushing sport, then this 90km of rafting will be the best for you. This route has a series of rapids at Nurla which makes it challenging as well as adventurous.

activities to do in ladakh - ladakh rafting

Best Season For Rafting In Ladakh:

The best time for river rafting is from July to September. In winter, rivers start to freeze and in summer the flow is heavy due to monsoon.

Bike Trips In Ladakh: Ride As Long As You Can

Ladakh is always recognized as a Land for thrillophilics and is going to give you the best thrill of life. The grand mountains, the trails and the roads are the major attraction to the tourists. If you are a die-hard fan of adventure, bike trip to Ladakh is a must.

biking in ladakh - Things to do in ladakh

The bike trip in Leh is definitely a lifetime experience. If you want to enjoy the thrilling experience of riding a bike on the tricky roads of the country, you must plan a Leh bike tour. However, a number of things are there to consider while planning a bike trip to Ladakh.

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The Best Route For Bike Trip In Ladakh:

If you are planning to drive from Manali, the best possible route is:

Arrive at: Manali by bus->Manali ->Jispa ->Sarchu->Pangong Lake->Pangong->Leh->Sarchu to Manali

Things To Consider While Planning A Bike Trip To Ladakh:

  • Before setting the trip, it is advised to go for a health check-up. Acclimatization is a very necessary step.
  • It is best to plan the trip during the summer season.
  • The choice of the motorbike is also an important thing to consider. It is better to go for high engine bikes like Royal Enfield.
  • If you are feeling AMS, drink plenty of water and avoid sleeping during the daytime.
  • Before starting the trip, buy some good riding gear (helmets, knee and elbow guards, shoes and proper riding jacket, weatherproof gloves, reflective clothing).
  • Keep yourselves hydrated with plenty of water during the ride.
  • Have first aid kit with you.
  • Keep nutrition bars, chocolates, fruits and nuts handy.
  • Plan the itinerary and identify night halts and backup night halts along the route.

Best Time For Leh Ladakh Bike Ride:

Summer is definitely the best time to plan a Leh-Ladakh bike trip. For bike trip from Manali to Leh, the most suitable time starts from June till September.

Safari’s In Ladakh:

Ladakh is always famous for its unpredictable climate, moonscapes, challenging altitude along with the different adventure activities. It can be rightly called as a ‘Land of Adventures’. Safaris is yet another Classical adventure that is prevalent in Ladakh. In Ladakh, one can enjoy either two of the different safaris-Jeep Safari or Camel Safari.

Jeep Safari: Indulge Yourself To A Memorable Journey Of Road

When the question about road trip arises, the best answer is a road trip to Leh-Ladakh. Witnessing a wide variety of natural beauty-be it the historical monuments or the natural lakes and hills in Leh-Ladakh is awesome. There a number of routes for Jeep Safari in Leh Ladakh.

Jeep safari in ladakh - leh ladakh adventurous activities

The best route for Jeep Safari is from Manali to Leh. The distance is about 485kms.

The major highlight of this safari is that one can witness the beauty of the following places:

  • Rohtang pass.
  • sand and rock natural formations.
  • the white fast flowing rivers.
  • brown mountains.
  • Indus river.
  • the beautiful valleys.
  • the mountain passes and many more.

Route Map: Manali-Rohtang Jot-Gramphu-Kokhsar-Tandi-Keylong-Darcha-Zingzingbar-Baralcha La-Bharatpur-Sarchu-Gata Loops-Lachung La-Pang-More-Tang Lang La-Gya-Upshi-Garu-Leh

Accommodation: One can also find accommodations in stopover places like Manali, Kokshar Village, Zingzingbar, Bharatpur, Sarchu, Upshi etc.

Camel Safari: Steep Your Eyes With The Beautiful Valley And Desert Life

Since time immemorial, Ladakh camel safaris or Caravan with camels has been a major attraction to the people. Camel trekking has been in vogue even before the partition. Camel Safari in Leh-Ladakh is a fun thing to do in Leh-Ladakh.

If you are passionate about riding camels, then camel safari over Bactrian Camels will be the best option. Camel safari in Ladakh is surely a must thing to do in Ladakh.

ladakh adventure tours - camel safari

Camel trekking is predominantly found in the Nubra region and the travelers travel from Hundar to Diskit. The most famous camel safari that exists in Ladakh is the Nubra Valley Safari.

Taking a camel safari is a must adventurous activity to get indulged in. Camel Safari is one of the best things to do in Leh-Ladakh trip.

Sightseeing In Ladakh: Get Bewitched In The Luminous Beauty Of Leh-Ladakh

Ladakh has always been a major center of adventure. All adrenaline junkies are attracted to this place as there are a number of activities to do in Ladakh. Sightseeing of the ancient monasteries is the major Leh attraction. The Pangong Tso Lake, one of the best place in Ladakh travels across the boundary of India and Bhutan.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa or the Namgyal Monastery is particularly famous for the Buddha statue it hosts. The biggest monastery in Ladakh is the Hemis Monastery. Every year in the month of July, an annual festival takes place in Hemis.

places to see in leh - things to do in ladakh

Leh-Ladakh is truly an amazing place and it is a must visit. The photophilic must capture natural beauty through their lens. Because stargazing from the top is surely a lifetime experience and one of the most amazing things to do in Ladakh.

Local sightseeing is a fun thing to do in Leh and Ladakh. Zanskar Valley is one of the good places to visit in Ladakh.

The Major Leh Ladakh Sightseeing Spots:

  • Zanskar Valley.
  • Pangong Tso Lake.
  • Kargil.
  • Khardung-la pass.
  • Nubra Valley.
  • Magnetic Hill Spituk Gompa.
  • Hemis National Park.
  • Shanti Stupa – Meditation Time.
  • Hemis Monastery.

The best season to visit Leh-Ladakh is from June to September every year.

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sohail · March 14, 2019 at 1:59 pm

Stok Kangri Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in the Ladakh region. Check this link for trekking tips to Stok Kangri Trek.

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I have done Stok Kangri Trek. Reading this blog has refreshed my memories. Very soon I will do it again. Thanks for this inspiring article. Check my blog for trekking tips to Stok Kangri Trek which I wrote after my trek.

Hrithik · August 3, 2019 at 7:52 am

I am planning for river rafting, with my family. I want stay Package. Is it very difficult?

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    River Rafting in Ladakh is done in the Zanskar river with all the safety measures by Govt approved professionals. So it is quite safe and at the same time a very interesting activity to do in Ladakh! If you want to know more about Ladakh and the packages there, you can contact me on +91 99028 60849.

sohail · March 19, 2020 at 3:14 pm

In response to Stok Kangri’s rapid degradation, the Stok Village Committee and ALTOA (All Ladakh Tour Operators’ Association) have announced a three-year ban on trekking and climbing on Stok Kangri peak. Stok Kangri will remain closed from 2020 to 2022.

You can try Kang Yatse 2 in place of Stok Kangri. Click here for Kang Yatse trek preparation guide

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