Ladakh is an experience that most of us don’t want to miss. But sometimes the harsh weather and our health conditions hold us back. Many people face health problems like breathlessness, high mountain sickness, and acute headaches, etc. In Ladakh, every year many visitors who suffer from health issues are not able to complete the trip successfully. But by taking a few precautions, we can still enjoy such places.


Let us give you a few tips that will help you survive these high altitudes. A small guide if you may, let’s go –

1. Rent oxygen cylinders-

So, there are 2 options here. You can either carry a portable oxygen cylinder or rent it out in Ladakh itself. These portable oxygen cylinders are big enough to last for several hours.

2. People must consult a physician –

Many people’s health is not supportive of such extreme weather conditions. We would advise everybody to consult their physician first to make sure that they are fit to take this trip. In fact, do this even before you go ahead with the bookings. The doctor can guide you about the dos and don’ts about visiting places like Ladakh.

Here is the list of must-visit spots in Leh Ladakh.

Trip to Leh Ladakh

3. No risks when you are with a baby and old people  –

Babies below 3 years of age are not advised to visit places with high altitudes. Their body is not prepared to tackle such harsh weather and may have many health issues. So, be careful while traveling with babies.

Old people should take advice from the doctor before taking the trip. People crossing 60, should definitely finish a doctor visit and get an ‘I am fine to travel certificate’. Your health comes first.

4. If you already suffer from these problems, avoid Ladakh –

People having asthma or breathing problems are not advised to visit. Places with high altitudes are very risky and can cause serious health issues later in the future. So, avoid the risk. We can suggest many more beautiful places instead. 🙂

Leh Ladakh tour

5. High level of carbohydrates, protein and fat intake is a MUST

You need to have a diet that provides you enough amount of Carbohydrates to survive such harsh weather.

Include – Pasta, milk, bread, rice, fruits, potatoes in your diet. You should maintain the calorie count.

While including carbohydrates, don’t forget to add protein and fat –

Include – Chocolate, butter, ghee, coconut oil, dry fruits, etc.

6. Don’t forget to stay hydrated –

We understand, in cold places, we tend to consume less water, but that will be taking a risk. Your body needs to be hydrated to be able to complete the trip. Make it a point to have 3-4 liters of water no matter what! Drink water regularly and please don’t be dependent on your thirst.

Leh Ladakh tour

7. Say no to alcohol –

We know it can be heartbreaking but Alcohol dehydrates your body and that will be taking a risk in high altitude places. If you have to have alcohol, plan it in such a way that your body gets 48 hours to recover and then you can travel, trek or reach a newer high altitude destinations.

8. Carry your entire medical kit –

After getting advised by your physician, carry all the medicines that you already need and you might need. You might not get all the medicines in Ladakh or such places so make sure you carry your full medical kit for you and for people who are traveling with you.

Trekking in Leh Ladakh

9. Clothes, shoes and more –

Obviously, we don’t need to tell this to you. But since we get a few queries about the same, let us answer it. Carry good quality sports shoes to protect your feet. Do NOT compromise on that. Also, warm clothes are necessary. So, here also, many people buy clothes from Ladakh itself. Sometimes, the clothes we buy in the cities may not completely take care of us in the harsh weather.

10. No network, no problem –

In Ladakh, most networks give up and there is no guarantee of one particular network that we can trust. Having said that, a BSNL or MTNL network is the most trustworthy, so you can just carry an extra sim card and see which one actually works.

11. Prepare beforehand –

Many people start jogging, exercising and keeping themselves fit 1 month before the trip. You need added stamina when you are in the mountains and it’s best that you prepare for it in advance. Regular exercising will help you prevent problems like body aches and overall weakness while trekking or doing other activities in Ladakh.

Make a mental note of all these tips before you plan your big Ladakh trip. Remember, Visiting Leh-Ladakh is a lifetime experience which you probably want to remember for the rest of your life. Don’t let your health issues ruin it for you. Mountains are calling!  

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